United States “White” Chick Justice Should Prevail in Florida Beating Case

UPDATED: March 6, 2009

Another of the “Barbie Boxers” was sentenced to probation and community service today. Brittany Mayes was sentenced to one-year probation on Thursday and that was followed by Mercedes Nichols being sentenced to 3 years probation. The moral of the story: you can beat and injure a kid and not serve ANY jail time; as long as you are covered under the “White Chick Justice” clause in U.S. courts. The rest of the “Barbie Boxers” will get their probation sentences later this month. I should be a Vegas prognosticator for white chick sentencing in U.S. courts!

UPDATED: Monday, February 9, 2009
If you took the under, three months in jail, congratulations!

The last of the “Barbie Boxers” in the Florida beating case last year signed plea deals last week and will be charged as juveniles. None of them did more than a few hours of jail time and the famous (or infamous, depending on your perspective) video will go away like it never happened. AHHH…to be a “white” female in the U.S. Justice System. It’s a layup every time. One of them pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and battery a few weeks ago and could get 5 months in prison and/or 5 years of probation. She’ll be sentenced March 20. Stick with the under.


by Brian A. Wilkins

ORIGINAL LINK: http://blog.operation-nation.com/2008/04/13/united-states-white-chick-justice-should-prevail-in-florida-beating-case.aspx

After so-called “Barbie Bandit” gets probation for federal bank robbery and blonde pedophile Debra Lafave gets probation for sex with 14-year-old, the over-under on Florida thug “white” girls sentences is three months in jail. Place your bets!

Ok, so we have “Runaway Brides,” with long criminal records, “Ponytail Bandits,” (the link to the ABC News story is headlined “Illegally Blonde”) and “Barbie Bandits.”

Then you have cocaine-possessing, DUI Lindsey Lohan (sentenced to re-hab), Paris Hilton’s coddling by horny cops in jail, Britney Spears’ child endangerment, drinking, drug use, etc (also sentenced to re-hab that she never even completed). So I’ll beat the Euro-American media to the punch and call these thugs from Florida “Barbie Boxers?” Or how about “Pretty Punchers?” One thing they likely won’t be called are CONVICTS, based on “white chick” laws in U.S. courts.

White Chick Justice

The circumstances in this case and the Jena, Louisiana case last year are strikingly similar, but the punishments and subsequent well-being of the individuals involved will be polar opposites (not to mention, the young men in Jena were charged with attempted murder). What’s even more hilarious about this case is the fact Phil McGraw (aka “Dr. Phil”) bailed one of the thugs out of jail, with the condition he gets exclusive rights to the story! The good “doctor” has now said no story will be done because his “guidelines have been compromised.”The issue that is unprecedented in this Florida beating is the fact it is “white” chick on “white” chick crime, so that throws a little wrench in the otherwise obvious outcomes. Kayla Hassell doesn’t look “white” so she might actually get a little harsher sentence than the rest of the girls. The two boys, who acted as lookouts, will probably get a harder sentence than the girl (Mercedes Nichols) who allegedly (I think) is the one beating the victim throughout most of the video clips we have seen.

So here’s my advice to the girls and their lawyers. Everyday before court, make sure you stop at Victoria’s Secret or Bloomingdales or some other high-end make-up store (do those stores sell make-up?), make sure the girls are all prettied up, make sure their hair is done professionally (dying all their hair blonde would help immensely), make sure they shed a few tears during each and every court appearance, and the results should be the UNDER.  These horny white boy judges are so predictable and so pathetic, defendants may as well take advantage of it! Because as Pedophile LaFave’s lawyer said, his client is “too pretty for prison.” And apparently, based on the horny judge’s decision, he was right.

2 thoughts on “United States “White” Chick Justice Should Prevail in Florida Beating Case

  1. D Sandoval

    Bravo, bravo, bravo. Right on the nose. One thing that I heard someplace, about half a year ago, that has stuck with me every singe time I hear of one of these cases of cop vs black, cop vs citizen, or white vs black, or the like is this: ‘It’s one thing to charge these people, a very different thing happens when you try to convict.’
    And I’m not talking about, ‘black guy shoots at cop, nobody gets hit, chase, black guy tackled, black guy breaks his arm, next day hype media (Fox, CNN) splashes headline, “Cop beats citizen, breaks bones” type of thing. There are plenty of video recorded, true, ‘cop violates citizens rights’, situations out there. An example is (if I remember correctly) the SC cop that shoots unarmed black man that did not commit a crime, and even after the black guy gets shot still doesn’t disrespect the cop.
    …to name ONE out of MANY instances.
    Anyways, as you mentioned this cases is a little different because both attackers and victim are white. In this case, chapter 3, article 4, paragraph 8, sub-section b, of “White People Law” clearly states that in cases where both parties, plaintiff and defendant, are of Caucasian race, the judgment will be made after determining which party has more influence, (influence as defined in WPL C.11.5.1.a-d: ‘as but not limited to: assets, contributions, property, finance, and money’) and shall be granted a full pardon for any and all infractions, transgressions, and/or alleged wrongdoings committed. As long as no ‘Constitution lovers’ and/or person(s) of enough authority find out or disclose said pardon to the attention of “the People”.
    I’m just paraphrasing though. I read it in the ‘book of law’ my white friend left out by accident one day when I stopped by his house. Never saw him again after that.
    Whatever the case I can’t tell you how utterly disgusted I feel when I hear or read of these types of injustices. Maybe some day ‘the People’ will be moved to action. Dirty politicians that promise and don’t deliver when in office aside.
    Keep preachin the truth!


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