Marvin Driver, Jr. latest victim of radical Christian terrorism in the United States

UPDATED: February 7, 2009
KPRC Local 2 in Houston reports:
Not sure who wanted more attention out of this: Quanell X or Marvin Driver, Jr.? No wonder Driver’s son, Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver, never commented on this. The truth of the matter is: defamation, as the Houston Police are alleging, is harder to prove against a public employee (e.g. police) or public figure in civil court than it would be against a private citizen. But the case is being heard in the same county court district the city of Houston is located (advantage: Houston Police). Regardless, Driver and Quanell Abdul Farrakhan X are making a mockery of a serious, deadly, and urgent issue in regards to badged gangsters. Both of them are probably embarrassed and will go away soon (unless more information comes out). Terrorist murders and manipulation of Nubian American men by badged gangsters will, however, continue unabated.   
UPDATE: 12/31/08
KHOU Channel 11 in Houston reports:
The whole thing is just mirky. But until something is proven otherwise, I believe Mr. Driver; the innocent victim.

UPDATE: 11/22/08

As if there is a question about it? The radicals were removed from street duty, but remain employed as desk jockies. The Driver’s are pursuing criminal charges; but why hasn’t the county or state already done so? Here is a Fox26 Houston report:

by Brian A. Wilkins

The father of Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver was attacked by Houston, Texas police while being arrested for outstanding traffic violations. Both officers involved, of course, have not been arrested or suspended, and will be working today.

Gangsters, once again dressed as police, have attacked another Nubian American man and odds are, they will be cleared of any wrongdoing. Mr. Driver, who is in the intensive care unit at a Houston-area hospital, is bleeding from his brain after several blows to the head and after allegedly having “something” shoved down his throat by the radicals. Reports from the family also indicate there were other police watching while the radicals attacked Driver.

There’s really nothing more to say. As the story develops, more will be posted. But bet on the police being cleared of any charges and this incident being passed off as isolated and rare by Euro-American media instead of being called what it is: terrorism.

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