Michael Vick will be top news across Euro-American media on Tuesday, November 25.

by Brian A. Wilkins

While cops who cooked their dogs to death are after thoughts to Euro-American media, Mr. Vick remains prime target. The entertainment for them and Surry County, Virginia predictably continues.

Surry County Attorney Gerald Poindexter and Circuit Court Judge Sam Campbell both must be lonely and need attention during the holiday season. Mr. Vick will fly 2300+ miles round-trip to say ONE word: “guilty.” This could have been done via videoconference, but this judge and county attorney want to bring some attention to their careers. Everybody attacked the auto industry CEOs when they showed up to a congressional hearing in private company jets. Does Surry County, which must pay to transport Mr. Vick from Kansas to Virginia and back, have that much extra money to blow on this unnecessary plane trip?

The media coverage will rival that of the O.J. Simpson verdict: the petty crimes of a petty criminal in Las Vegas. Virtually every network interrupted regular programming to report on Simpson being found guilty.

It was surreal because it happened around 11pm Vegas time; apparently the jury stayed late to reach a verdict. The Euro-American media made sure to cover it extensively as millions of people wanted Simpson convicted of SOMETHING, since he got away with murdering two European Americans in the 1990s. This obsession with a petty criminal by allegedly credible news organizations is profound and frankly humorous. 

Now it is Mr. Vick’s turn to be completely humiliated by this media, by being seen in court by millions (since you know the judge will allow cameras) after being in prison for more than a year. Yet, as I pointed out in “55 Days In Maricopa County Jail,” the police who broiled their dogs in hot cars are still employed with their respective departments and criminally clear (one misdemeanor charge in one of the cases). If dogs are really this perceived-serious an issue, as this media and PETA are displaying, why aren’t these cops being humiliated with the same passion? Is it because they “accidentally” left their loyal dog partners in 170+ degree cars for 10+ hours? Miami Dolphin Jerry Porter said it best: “all it was was dogs.” I doubt this media will attack Porter like it did Stephon Marbury and Terrell Owens on this issue, since it knows Porter doesn’t care about it’s games. Porter and others support Vick whether this media says its “correct” or not. Homogenization of media just make Porter’s view SEEM like the wrong ones ethically.

Mr. Vick put himself in this situation, as did the aforementioned police, who are ethically liable for their crimes as well. Only Vick is made out to be a monster. Vick made the dumbest mistake of his life and had no criminal record prior to all this (that I know of). It’s simply fun and entertaining to the hegemony to do this. With President-Elect Barack Obama selecting new cabinet members every day (seemingly), Vick will still dominate the headlines on Tuesday. Judge Campbell and county attorney Poindexter feel the expense to get Vick there is worth the publicity the two of them will subsequently receive. These guys remind me of the infamous Anna Nicole Smith judge crying on the bench for attention:


or California D.A. Tom Snedden and his crusade against Michael Jackson (who was ultimately cleared of all child molestation charges); and the inbred Jena, Louisiana prosecutor going after the young men there. As long as media ownership remains a Euro-monopoly, the media known as “mainstream” will continue to be what it is: Euro-American media, favoring its namesake.

One thought on “Michael Vick will be top news across Euro-American media on Tuesday, November 25.

  1. Superbowl Ticket

    I do not approve of ANYTHING Michael Vick has done and he should be held 100% liable for his actions. I also believe that he should be held to a higher standard as a professional athlete and a role model for our youth. BUT, what that judge did, bringing him back there just to say “guilty”, is criminal in itself. He deserved to be prosecuted and his prison time, but don’ humiliate the man and waste government resources!


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