Day 12: School is in session, “hooch,” and Michael Jordan

by Brian A. Wilkins

This day corresponds with Saturday, August 2. I found out, after I was released on September 17, the supervening indictment, which dropped all the serious charges the Tempe Police tried to push through, was executed on Thursday, July 31. Though I should have never been abducted in the first place, I should have been released from captivity no later than Aug. 1 since I was no longer facing the malicious charges Wallace and Johnson (and Loewenhagen) tried to put through. Of course, this did not happen. I was still being held on $54,000 bond facing a disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana charge; marijuana the alleged “victim” brought over to sell; which has been his only source of income (besides cheating the unemployment system) all year. Doubt they ever checked the prints on the bags, the zig-zags, or the pipe. That’s why it was all in a grocery bag