HERO OF THE MONTH (March): Ty’Sheoma Bethea

by Brian A. Wilkins

Ty’Sheoma Bethea, 14, is the FIRST OP-NAT Hero of the Month
The story of Miss Bethea, the beautiful young lady from Dillon, South Carolina, was so heartwarming and so indicative of a new era of American youth, she inspired us to create a new category of blog entries: Hero of the Month.
This young, intelligent American teenager exhausted every remedy she needed to for success; in the form of reaching the President of the United States. Ty’Sheoma’s middle school, like far too many other schools in predominantly Nubian American neighborhoods, is inadequate and frankly unsuitable as a learning environment for kids. She figured since gigantic corporations who “already have enough money” are getting federal funds to fix themselves, than J.V. Martin Junior High should have access to the repair fund as well. 
Of course the Euro-American media want to instead focus on inbred South Carolina governor Mark Sandford, and his pledge to not spend a dime on educating “black” kids in his state.
Really, what do you expect from inbred Confederate GOP people? Sanford knows that if too many “blacks” get an adequate education, there may be more of these “Barack the Magic Negros” that cause he and his buddies’ mass phallic shrinkage.
Ty’Sheoma is an inspiration to American kids and our country’s future. Miss Bethea is already brilliant and ready to make a huge impact on the world with the education she’s getting from her current school. Imagine Ty’Sheoma in a school worthy of our country as opposed to the third world shack she’s forced to learn in. 
Keep it up sister girl. I look forward to helping your campaign for President in 2030.   

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