San Francisco Chronicle, Wikipedia, Oakland PD Convict Mixon of Rape

by Brian A. Wilkins


Lovelle Mixon
San Francisco Chronicle reporter Jaxon Van Derbeken headlined his March 25 article “Cop Killer Suspected of Raping 12-year-old.” Derbeken goes further, saying Lovelle Mixon, the 26-year-old man who killed 4 Oakland cops and injured another, “dragged the 12-year-old off the street at gunpoint,” and that Mixon committed five other rapes. His source: The Oakland Police Department, who are desperately trying to create the motive “Mixon killed cops because he’s a child rapist.” The Oakland PD only made this alleged DNA evidence public after Mixon killed the four cops and injured Sgt. Dan Gonzales, who murdered 20-year-old unarmed, “black” Gary King Jr. back in September 2007. Residents of Oakland did not know anything about these alleged February rapes until after Mixon killed the cops. Asked why these rapes are only coming to light now, Oakland Acting Police Chief Howard Jordan said he has “no comment” on that. Here are the simple facts: Lovelle Mixon was never convicted of rape nor even CHARGED with rape.

Chronicle staff writer Charles Burress even had the nerve to ask an Oakland resident about these alleged (and seemingly fabricated) rapes during a march against police brutality last week. The resident quickly cut through the smoke screen saying, “[Mixon] wasn’t a rapist. I don’t believe that.”

Police have, and always will, plant or fabricate evidence in hopes of convicting “blacks” of whatever crimes they want to stick to them. In the most famous murder case in U.S. history (because, as one blogger said, “when the white man is hurt, everyone MUST cry”) thug cop Mark Fuhrman planted evidence at the scene of the crime when O.J. Simpson was on trial for murder. Fuhrman conveniently invoked his Fifth Amendment rights (didn’t answer questions by Simpson’s attorneys) when asked directly “did you plant evidence at the murder scene?” Had this admitted and proud thug cop (who needs to be shot) not lied on the stand, maybe the European American community would have gotten its wish of a murder conviction.

Again, these rapes only became crimes when they affected the Euro-American community. As long as Mixon was allegedly raping little “black” girls and not killing Euro-American cops, it was ok for the police to not tell the public or vigorously investigate.

Wikipedia, the alleged “free online encyclopedia” is allowing the entire story of Lovelle Mixon to be told through San Francisco Chronicle articles. Though Operation Nation added to the entry that Sgt. Pat Gonzales shot and killed an unarmed black man in 2007 and that Sgt. Mark Dunakin was loathed in the “black community,” Wikipedia editors deleted it. Operation Nation also attempted to dispute the article’s neutrality, which was also removed. ¬†One editor, Apostle12, in response to Operation Nation adding the fact that Sgt. Gonzales murdered an unarmed “black” man and that Sgt. Dunakin was loathed in Oakland, said “your suspicions seem unfounded to me–even paranoid.

I’ve had my say in the Lovelle Mixon/Oakland Police saga and I’m done with it. As Operation Nation’s “about us” section says, “96 percent of all newspapers, television, and radio stations are owned by rich European American men; when means media U.S. vernacular calls “mainstream” is actually rich Euro-American male media; which solely reflect their ideas, philosophies, views, and attitudes.” Leonard Pitts, Jr., a Miami Herald columnist says it best: “whites wants to view race in terms of progress blacks have made,” instead of looking in the mirror at themselves. Though we’re fighting tanks with slingshots, we’ll continue doing our small part in keeping them as honest as we can.


Oakland Police Dept: A Criminal Cesspool of Thugs (updated 3/27/2009)

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Police 2, Oakland Residents 4 (from the SF Bayview Newspaper)

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  1. brad miller

    how do you know the rape charge was
    fabricated? If I were you I’d try to contact the rape victims for a positive
    ID; if the cops are lying, you’ve got a helluva story, but you’ll have to dig for this one.


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