Punk Dallas Cop Robert Powell’s Fake Apology To Ryan Moats

UPDATED 4/1/2009 12:55 pm PST

Americans are not stupid and realize Punk Powell was given the option of either being fired or resigning. I think the final straw were the revelation by proactive bloggers who took snapshots of this punk’s Myspace and Xanga blog, which he stated, “I can now kill people legally” after becoming a cop in 2006. This kind of monkey behavior happens everyday and all the time with thug police, but this incident happened to effect a rich NFL football player. As I’ve said before, I advise all Americans to carry digital recorders and even cameras if you can afford it. This punk would still be working for the Dallas PD if he wasn’t caught on tape. Good riddance punk. Read his resignation letter she was pulled over by thug Powell on June 28, 2008, for an illegal U-turn
. Powell issued Mrs. Thomas FIVE tickets, handcuffed her, placed her in the back of the cop car, and made her sit in jail for three hours…over traffic allegations. Four of the five tickets were ultimately dismissed. 

If this chimpanzee who thinks he’s a cop still has a job by the end of April, it will only prove the United States supports, aids, and abets thug police. Fire this punk IMMEDIATELY, Chief Kunkle!

by Brian A. Wilkins

Dallas Police thug Robert Powell is still employed 

by Houston PD.

By now, many of you know the story, but here is video of the disgusting, monkey acts by punk Dallas (TX) cop Robert Powell. 

This Powell character’s attorney apologized for this disgrace of a human being, in a phony, P.R. stunt likely aimed towards helping thug Powell keep his job. Here is the text of the phony apology:

“I wish to publicly and sincerely apologize to the Moats family, my colleagues in the Dallas Police Department, and to all those who have been rightfully angered by my actions on March 18, 2009. After stopping Mr. Moats’ vehicle, I showed poor judgment and insensitivity to Mr. Moats and his family by my words and actions. With great remorse I accept my responsibility for adding to their grief in an already difficult time. I have attempted to reach Mr. Moats to express my personal condolences directly to his family and my regret about my actions. While these efforts have been unsuccessful so far, I hope we can talk soon. Again, I am very sorry for what I did and ask for the forgiveness of all those touched by these unfortunate events.”

The only thing Powell is sorry for is getting caught on tape being an inbred POS. The sad thing is, this kind of behavior by power-drunken cops happens everyday in our country. Powell just screwed up and happened to chimp-out on Mr. Ryan Moats, a FAMOUS NFL football player.

I suggest to all Americans, as I do myself, to carry a digital recorder (which are fairly cheap nowadays) in your car at all time in case you are harassed by one of these animals. Mount (or tape) the recorder on your driver side door, and whenever a cop pulls you over, immediately press the record button and do not stop until you pull away. Mr. Moats’ story of losing his mother-in-law and this “cop’s” behavior would not be as concretely malicious nor as highly publicized if there was no audio and/or video evidence. I also carry a camcorder at all times when I drive, just for that extra level of protection. 

Regardless, hats off and cheers to Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle, who immediately stepped forward, apologized and condemned the actions of this animal. Kunkle, who took over command of the department in 2004, fired 30 rogue cops in his first two years at the helm, and has fired a total of 62 in his time (though 12 of the firings were reversed) in an effort to clean up what was perceived to be a cesspool police organization. Crimes rates have dropped in Kunkle’s tenure and he at least makes the genuine effort to “protect and serve” his community.

I do hope Chief Kunkle recognizes that leaving thug Powell on the force will not only taint the Dallas PD, but will destroy all the work and effort he has put into cleaning up the department the past four years. Powell needs to be fired and never work as a police officer again; end of story.

One thought on “Punk Dallas Cop Robert Powell’s Fake Apology To Ryan Moats

  1. Elisangela

    I’m glad he apologized, and I saw him iniveetrwed on television. However, he committed too many errors for this just to be a random mistake. It showed a serious defect in his character for this to be a one time event. Perhaps he will find a more satisfying career somewhere else, but I don’t believe being a police officer is the right place for him at this point. Perhaps later. Furthermore, I always wonder when I see these television confessions if the person would have apologized if there wasn’t such a big stink. Again, it shows one’s character. I can forgive him of his offense while still acknowledging that he may be better suited for another line of work.


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