Blue Ash (OH) Police Thugs Shoot, Taser, Kill A Family’s Chihuahua

by Brian A. Wilkins

Scott and Sharon Bullock’s dog, “Jack,” was part
Chihuahua and part Jack Russell Terrier.

For those of you new to Operation Nation, we have covered extensively several incidents of dogs being killed by police via cooking them in hot cars or just flat out shooting them. You also know we only do this because Euro-American media have placed dogs on the same level of importance as human life with their continual demonization of former Atlanta Falcons quarterback, Michael Vick. Plus, I truly cannot find any justification for two grown men who are police believing their “life was in danger” because of a loose, five-pound dog.

Scott and Sharon Bullock returned home from a funeral on June 5 with blood splattered all over their front porch and a note from police to call them “about their dog.” When the Bullocks called for an explanation, Blue Ash police made it sound like they were being attacked by an uncontrollable, wild animal (keep in mind, it’s a Chihuahua…you know, “Yo Quiero Taco Bell”). Blue Ash Police said Officer Roger Pohlman responded to a call that a woman had walked by their home and been bitten on her ankle. The dog then allegedly bit and “latched onto” the hand of Officer Ken Johnson. The police, who are allegedly trained to take down large human males with as least force as necessary, said they had no choice but to Taser the Chihuahua; and when that did not work, fired three shots at the dog, killing it instantly.

The owners of the dog ultimately apologized to the woman who was bitten. The woman now feels terrible because all she wanted the police to do is capture the dog because it was loose. In other words, a random woman was able to control this Chihuahua better than trained police officers. The owners also acknowledged some fault in that their dog got loose, but believe the actions of the police were completely uncalled for and excessive. The family also wonders why the police simply did not call SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to corale their dog. The family has since set up a petition site to have Officer Pohlman removed from the force.

Police are simply looking for any arbitrary reason to shoot and/or Taser any living thing: be it humans, dogs, cats, or whatever. Guns and Tasers are their toys, just like Transformers and Barbies (I’m dating myself) are the toys of children; and they want to play with them. Again, nothing good usually happens when American citizens call police for help. Sadly, most people still have to learn the hard way.

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