Timothy Taylor (AKA Wise Intelligent) Arrested For DWB

by Brian A. Wilkins

Mr. Timothy Taylor, aka Wise Intelligent, of the late 80s/early 90s
rap group Poor Righteous Teachers.

Some things are destined to change while others will remain the same indefinitely. Rap/Hip-Hop has changed significantly since the late 80s, when it grew from fringe genre to worldwide phenomenon. Boogie Down Productions, X-Clan, Brand Nubian, Public Enemy, MC Trouble, and yes, the Poor Righteous Teachers, with lead MC, Wise Intelligent, were like motivational speakers and teachers back then, who spoke their lessons over funky, groovy beats. Nowadays, hip-hop has changed into a self-destructive, criminal reinforcement, misogynistic genre of garbage brainwashing young Nubians (“blacks”) to believe they should be some sort of gangster or drug dealer to “be cool” (which is why Euro-American media embrace it). Regardless, rappers and “blacks” got arrested and harrassed by thug cops for nothing back then, as they do now, and forever more in this country.

Mr. Timothy Taylor, aka Wise Intelligent, blogged about his latest experience with thug cops depriving him of life and liberty without due process of the law. On July 8, in his hometown of Trenton, NJ, Wise was working on his latest project, “Dying To Learn,” a documentary about high lead levels in old inner-city schools. After a successful, efficient shoot, which included interviewing the superintendent of Trenton Schools, Wise proceeded to the studio to work on a track (song), which also went very well. Wise said he was looking for the old Ice Cube song, “Today Was a Good Day” because everything had worked so smoothly and efficiently that day.

This would all change when Wise was on his way home. Less than a mile from his house, he stopped at a light when a good friend of his ran up to the car to say what’s up. They briefly exchange pleasantries, give each other some dap, and Wise drives off. A few minutes later, as Wise was parking in front of his home, a cop car pulls behind him, two police thugs get out of the car (one of which keeps her hand on her gun the whole time), and begin asking him a series of questions. “Do you have a license,” “do you have registration,” and of course, “do you have any drugs in the car?”

The police thugs then tell Wise to get out of the car and begin frisking him. When Wise asked why he was being pulled over, the police thug replied, “who was the guy you were talking to back there?” Of course, the police thugs wanted to believe that a “drug transaction” took place simply because two “black” men shook hands. The thug cops then began trying to play mind games with Wise, telling him they would arrest him for assault on a police officer (he never touched them). Long story short, Wise ended up getting two tickets, a summons for “obstructing an investigation,” and now has to go to court on August 28th.

Euro-American media and its constituents will dismiss this ordeal as “police just doing their jobs,” just as they did the Henry Louis Gates incident where he was arrested for LDWB. Wise is a youth advocate and a big-time positive influence in his community, yet, like all “black” men in this country, he is subject to this endless cycle of deprivation of alleged “constitutional rights” we all supposedly have. Granted this sort of police-state, thug cop harrassment happens to all Americans, it is sad when virtually EVERY “black” man in this country has a story similar to this one (myself included). These occupying armies in Nubian (“black”) and Latino neighborhoods are the root of virtually all problems in cities like Trenton. Police need to live in the community and be FROM the community to patrol it. Otherwise, police thugs are no different than U.S. troops occupying Iraq.

The MLK/Sharpton method of useless protests, marches, and getting radio hosts fired have done nothing but make the situation for Afrakan Americans worse than it was pre-1960s. As Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin once said,  “an oppressed class which does not aspire to learn to use arms and to bear arms merits only to be treated as slaves.” Ok, now I’ll be called “communist” and “terrorist” by Euro-American media. Police thugs are the new “masters”; people who can treat you any which way they choose, LEGALLY, without regard to alleged “constitutional rights” we all allegedly have.

Mr. Taylor will survive this ordeal, but has to inconvenience his life for the fun and entertainment of police thugs and the U.S. justice system, which virtually null and voids the 13th and 14th Amendments of the Constitution. Stay up brotha and for those of you not familiar with the Poor Righteous Teachers, this jam was blasting in my car back in high school. Enjoy it, as it was produced by a WISE, INTELLIGENT man.

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