Ilhan Omar: The Sexiest Woman In The 116th U.S. Congress

March 31, 2019

WASHINGTON, D.C. — You know you’re doing something right when Trump white people and white liberals are attacking you simultaneously. Truth is the new terrorism for white Americans. Once they establish their subterfuges, all the nigroes, wetbacks, and others must happily parrot and follow along obsequiously. The lovely Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, showed the world how intersectional white supremacy bonds white liberals and conservatives.

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Mrs. Omar stated a few truths in February and March, particularly this haymaker that got white liberals and white conservatives’ panties in a bunch:

Since white Americans worship Zionists like gods, they expect all others to do the same. Mrs. Omar, who won her district in Minnesota with 78% of the vote, is not part of their Zionist-worshiping cult and simply stated her principled, truthful, admirable position.

Donnie Trump and his disciples attacked Congresswoman Omar relentlessly. But that’s more because she’s Somali and a woman. Nancy Pelosi is probably the most phony woman ever to serve in Congress. She released this “joint statement” with other Democrats that ultimately forced Mrs. Omar to apologize:

“Congresswoman Omar’s use of anti-Semitic tropes and prejudicial accusations about Israel’s supporters is deeply offensive.”

Everybody with common sense knows that AIPAC controls the U.S. Congress. Any denial of that is just Zionist bootlicking and frankly, pathetic. But intersectional white supremacy calls for the muting of this truth, along with the truth about the Federal Reserve having Zionist chairmen/women in 47 of the last 49-50 years, that Zionists are 90% of NFL owners, that Zionists are 90% of Hollywood/television top executives, etc. You are “anti-semitic” for telling these truths in the United States.

Mrs. Omar displays beautiful bravado based on genuine principle that is sorely lacking in U.S. women in 2019. Her courage and clear message that white people will not dictate her career is super sexy. She has also fought hard for her marriage and family, being married to her current husband twice (they have three kids together). She rocks different hijabs constantly, which is part of what makes Muslim women in general attractive. Men have to earn the privilege of seeing a Muslim woman without her hijab.

Ilhan Omar is the kind of woman every red-blooded man wants because she believes in something real, not regurgitated, tired talking points that liberal and conservative women in Congress and media build careers on. There are few sexy women in Congress as a result, and none are Republicans; though Republican women in general celebrate and respect femininity and masculinity, unlike most Democrat women.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did come to Mrs. Omar’s defense when the snowstorm commenced after Omar’s comments about Israel. It’s just hard to figure “AOC” out. She seems genuine and like a real soldier who really wants to do good. But its hard to tell if she’s just another annoying liberal or a real warrior. UPDATE: AOC’s little verbal blackface thing at that Al Sharpton event has placed her firmly in the suspect category. That was cringe-worthy and disappointing. Her 70% tax on the wealthiest Americans is cool and has positive precedent. But it should exempt black athletes and other wealthy, genuine black Americans. AOC is one of those ladies you WANT to like, but do so with caution. Can’t call her sexy until full trust is earned.

Senator Kyrsten Sinema probably has the cutest face in Congress, but also the most suspicious. She went from pussy-hat wearing liberal in the early 2000s to a true moderate Democrat today. Of course liberals want to make the fact Sinema has had sex with women at some point(s) in her life as her entire identity. The likable part of Sinema, however, is her willingness to listen to other reasonable people and her balanced demeanor. She’s cool, but she’s not sexy yet.

Finally there is Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. What makes her sexy (besides a great smile) is that she shined light on the fact that the only “proof” of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad “gassing his own people” comes from the same lying U.S. government that conjured the Gulf of Tonkin incident to invade Vietnam in the 1960s and the fake WMDs to invade Iraq in 2003. She’s also staunchly anti-war. Unfortunately it seems Gabbard is trying too hard to woo Trump voters. She exonerated Trump of all wrongdoing based on that Bill Barr 4-page comic. That alone dropped her from super sexy to super suspect.


But she is genuinely anti-war, and there is simply no pathway to disliking that.

Wish Gabbard had a better way to convey her very powerful and admirable positions.

Right now, Ilhan Omar is the sexiest woman in Congress and there does not appear to be any competition for this title right now. She doesn’t adjust her positions because society says so. Boldness and bravery trump boobs and butts all day, every day. Much love, Congresswoman Omar.

P.S. Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib also gets honorable mention here.

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