Prairie Village (KS) Police Thugs Continue Withholding Information After Murdering Susan Stuckey

by Brian A. Wilkins

Ms. Susan Stuckey

It was Wednesday morning, March 31 when Prairie Village, Kansas police claim that 47-year-old Ms. Susan L. Stuckey was “acting erratic” and “made threats” against them with a weapon. They shot her three times, once in the back, in her own apartment. It is now Monday, April 12, and no information has been released as far what this alleged weapon was, and why this woman was shot three times in her own home.

Watch a report WDAF Fox Channel 4 in Kansas City.

Police say they had been to Ms. Stuckey’s place “five to six times” in the past couple weeks at the Kenilworth Apartment complex in this small Kansas City suburb, and that she had “mental problems.” A neighbor said Ms. Stuckey was verbally asking the police to “kill me.”  

That is a summary of what has been released to the public, as far as information. What has not been released is what this alleged “weapon” was that Ms. Stuckey allegedly had. Ms. Stuckey’s brother, Mike, said police first told him on the day of the murder that Ms. Stuckey came at them with a bat, but then changed their tune and said she came at them with a knife. Sources have told us that Ms. Stuckey was “armed” with a wiffle bat, the plastic bats children use for tee-ball.

The killer police thug, who’s name is being protected by Prairie Village police, was rewarded for the murder with a paid vacation (aka “paid administrative leave”). There are allegedly investigations being conducted by “law enforcement…from several Johnson County cities.” Expect the inevitable “justified” verdict from these investigations to be released within the next month.

It’s difficult to believe a 47-year-old woman allegedly armed with a wiffle-bat or a kitchen knife could not be subdued by a bunch of grown men who are supposed to be officers of the law. The killer cop obviously wanted blood and a paid vacation…and got both.

Our thoughts are with the Stuckey family. We will update the story if/when we learn more.

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