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Charges Dropped Against Man Brutally Attacked By Mesa (AZ) Police

by Brian A. Wilkins
7/14/2010 (links, photos, and videos updated December 10, 2018)
on behalf of

Arizona governor Jan Brewer recently said, in defense of her signing SB1070 (the state’s new illegal immigration law), that people simply “must trust the police” to enforce the laws with integrity. What happened to Mr. Jermaine Walmsley in the early morning hours of June 12 not only proves why Brewer is a simple-minded puppet to the Arizona all-whiteboys GOP, but also why Americans need to become more vigilant with Second Amendment Rights, and protecting themselves against police state henchmen.

It … Read Entire Article

SOURCE: Feds Could Take Receivership of MCSO By Mid-July

by Brian A. Wilkins

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio (L) and former Maricopa County
attorney Andrew Thomas.

The federal criminal investigation into Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio may be nearing completion, and there may literally be a new sheriff in town in the coming weeks.

A source very close to the federal grand jury proceedings told us they believe the FBI will take receivership of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office by the end of this month. Receivership is basically a court-ordered takeover of subject property and/or offices used to preserve any and all evidence which may be used against … Read Entire Article

UPDATE: Wilkins Habeas Corpus Part 2 and Sherle Flaggman’s Criminal [Ex]-Husband

UPDATED 6/29/2010: U.S. Magistrate Judge Mark Aspey Recommends The Federal Courts Assume Jurisdiction If The Arizona Court Of Appeals Does Not Reverse The Illegal Conviction (see PDF of the ORDER here)

This in no way mean the federal district court will reverse it either, but it does, however, guarantee that I will finally get legitimate review of this malicious, illegal conviction. Now the Arizona Court of Appeals is kind of backed into a wall: they cannot simply “deny review” of the currently pending petition for review in their court, as they, the Arizona Supreme Court, and Maricopa County Read Entire Article

Maricopa County Deputies Assault Woman; Lie Under Oath About It

by Brian A. Wilkins
on behalf of


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It was a little more than a year ago today, when Ms. Robin Sword trekked down from Las Vegas to Lake Pleasant, AZ; one of the more scenic camping/boating/fishing destinations in the state. Located about 50 miles NW of downtown Phoenix, Lake Pleasant also happens to be within the jurisdiction of Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio…you know, that guy who is currently being investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice, and the County Board of Supervisors. The feds and supervisors can now add the story … Read Entire Article

Shawshank in Tucson: Corruption, Murder At The Arizona Dept. Of Corrections

by Brian A. Wilkins
5/10/2010 (links and photos updated November 28, 2018)

Arizona D.O.C. Interim Director Charles L. Ryan (L) and Mr. Anant Kumar Tripati (R)

Arizona Department of Corrections Interim Director Charles Ryan may soon be wearing the same orange jumpsuit as his nemesis, Mr. Anant Kumar Tripati.

Those of you who instantly believe everyone in prison is guilty of some disgusting, heinous crime need not read any further. More than 60 percent of U.S. prisoners are incarcerated for non-violent, victimless crimes.

Mr. Tripati is a prisoner-of-war, a pawn of former (and now current Interim) Maricopa County … Read Entire Article

“Arpaio Five”: Phoenix Protestors Pepper Sprayed At January Rally Face Different Obstacles

by Brian A. Wilkins


It is going on three months since five young people exercising their First Amendment rights were attacked by Phoenix Police, and forever had the course of their existences altered. There has, however, been some good news in the subsequent persecutions, which are now taking place.

All “charges” against Mr. Garyn Klasek and Ms. Claire Elizabeth Brock were dropped on January 29, after county prosecutors read the report drafted by obviously lonely Phoenix Police.


The report alleges that [I’m paraphrasing] Ms. Brock jumped on Mr. Klasek’s back and attached a chain from her … Read Entire Article

Phoenix Police Thug Brian Authement Rewarded With Paid Vacation; Councilman Michael Johnson May Face Charges

by Brian A. Wilkins

Phoenix Thug Cop Brian Authement (L) and Phoenix City Councilman Michael Johnson

Here’s a new one we haven’t seen in the history of Operation-Nation: a good samaritan and neighbor, who happens to be a city councilman, is brutally attacked by some savage cop; and guess who’s potentially facing criminal charges?

This all started early last Friday morning, March 19, when former Phoenix cop of 20 years and current Phoenix City Councilman Michael Johnson learned that his neighbor’s home was on fire. After getting permission from the fire department to go on the property and check … Read Entire Article

Chip Off The Ol’ Chief: Tempe Cop Jared Blanchard Resigns Over Sex Scandals

by Brian A. Wilkins


Blanchard Ryff
You have to wonder whether former Tempe “police officer” Jared Blanchard was trying to reprise the role of Cadet George Martin in the first Police Academy movie…

or if he was simply following in the footsteps of his clownboy leader: Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff.

The story of Blanchard has been talked about on local news outlets and publications for the past couple days. In a nutshell, Blanchard resigned from the Tempe Police Dept. this week, after he admitted to “using his position” to have sex with women. His antics ranged from … Read Entire Article

Arizona Highway Patrol (DPS) Taser, Murder Unarmed Mark Morse

by Brian A. Wilkins
2/8/2010 (links and photos updated December 11, 2018)

It seems several “police agencies,” especially those within the jurisdiction of the Ninth Circuit Federal Court Of Appeals (like Arizona), didn’t get the memo regarding excessive force claims when Tasers are used on American citizens without good cause.

That court’s groundbreaking decision did not deter an unnamed Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) thug cop, who murdered Mr. Mark Andrew Morse early in the morning last Thursday, February 4, by shooting him with a Taser.

Details of the murder are very sketchy at this time. One Read Entire Article

Phoenix Police Could Easily Save 75-100 Jobs

by Brian A. Wilkins

Phoenix Police Chief, aka “Public
Safety Manager” Jack Harris

As news broke that budget problems will cause the Phoenix Police Department to eliminate 350 jobs, mostly cops on the street, the Chief/Public Safety Manager Jack Harris has the dirty nerve to act like his double-dipping salary and the salaries of several “sergeants” are not partly to blame.

Harris is best described by the very informative website, as nothing more than “a civilian with a gun.” It should also be noted that Harris said department executives and middle management have all agreed to take 7 percent paycuts … Read Entire Article