Homosexual Cop Jonathan Bleiweiss Sexually Assaults Male Illegal Immigrants; Still Awaiting Trial

by Brian A. Wilkins

Nationwide trend of homosexual police and jail guards sexually assaulting victims, under color of law, could be reason Arizona’s SB1070 is favored by so many in law enforcement.

Jonathan Bleiweiss

It was April of 2009 when several illegal immigrants from south Florida began coming forward, with their accounts of being pulled over by now-former Broward County police thug Jonathan Bleiweiss, and forced to allow the openly-homosexual cop to perform oral sex on them to avoid arrest and possible deportation. Bleiweiss – who was named Employee of the Year once by his peers; and honored by the South Florida Blade, a pro-homosexual publication – was finally arrested in August that same year, and charged with several counts of stalking, sexual assault, and false imprisonment.

Watch this video of a few news reports and of Bleiweiss’s initial appearance in court after being arrested.

Bleiweiss was initially held without bond, but was granted bail in January 2010 after his counsel successfully filed a state habeas corpus petition. See is very common (and of course ignored by Euro-American media), homosexual cops are now more emboldened by today’s climate of pro-homosexual ideals. Male victims of these homosexual cops are generally too embarrassed and too ashamed to come forward, and the ones who are illegal immigrants are afraid to come forward for other obvious reasons. This story also hits home personally for this blogger, when I had to swallow my pride and let it be known what happened to me.

The homosexual Maricopa County jail guard, Darren Dauch, who fondled my tesicles and placed his hands inside my rectum when I forced into these concentration camps for two months as a pre-trial, non-convicted detainee, is part of an accepted culture in Arizona. Tomorrow I will file a response to Maricopa County et al.’s motions for summary judgment in my federal case, which Sheriff Joseph Arpaio’s lawyers are arguing Dauch was not on the clock when the assault happened, thus, I am lying. The problem with their argument is that witnesses saw the assault and several others heard about in the following days. Maricopa County and Arpaio have spent thousands of dollars on “expert witnesses” to discredit me – a homeless, broke, unemployed pro-se litigant – and to basically not open the floodgates to thousands of other lawsuits against these homosexual guards. Regardless, I fully expect the case to be dismissed, without any of the witnesses ever being heard, so this Euro-culture may continue unabated.

Arizona’s SB1070 will allow not only Arpaio’s band of homosexual jail guards unlimited access to illegal immigrants and their sexual organs, but all Arizona “law enforcement.” Though I will not air other people’s personal business, the stories I’ve heard from several Mexican immigrants range from being forced by Arizona Department of Public Safety (highway patrol) to perform oral sex on them, to a Phoenix cop forcing an illegal immigrant to have anal sex with him just a few weeks ago.

Bleiweiss will likely receive cop justice, and be acquitted of all charges (because none of the victims want to cooperate with the prosecution for fear of deportation) and because…well this is the United States. Euro-American police and Euro-American sexual culture are major forces in keeping the hegemony healthy and kicking, which is all the more reason for Latinos, Nubians, and other non-European Americans who are more heavily targeted for U.S. concentration camps, to arm themselves and be vigilant against these disgusting freak cops. That, or be the next victim yourself.

2 thoughts on “Homosexual Cop Jonathan Bleiweiss Sexually Assaults Male Illegal Immigrants; Still Awaiting Trial

  1. Robert Smith

    Does he have any relationships or connections with any police in North Miami Beach,Florida? That should be looked into.

  2. Mothman

    “Euro-American media?” You can’t be this clueless.

    Have you spent 5 minutes of your life examining who controls the US news and entertainment media?

    Here’s a hint:



    Hello: Your link doesn’t work, so I assume you didn’t spend five minutes to check your source.

    But yes, I know very well who controls media. And we probably agree on who the people are. However, you probably refer to them as “jews.” Zionists are just as European as “white” Americans…and as European as, well, Europeans. We don’t draw distinctions…you know, like “blacks” are everybody with melanin to Europeans (you). “I know your afflictions and your poverty–yet you are rich! I know the
    slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue
    of Satan.” Revelation 2:9

    Thank you for reading and commenting.


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