Kyran Jones Should Be Rewarded, Released From Prison

by Brian A. Wilkins



Mr. Kyran Jones
Kyran Jones, 28, was sentenced to seven years in prison by a Maricopa County Superior Court judge on October 24, 2008 for “assaulting” Tempe Police Sgt. Mike Horn. Horn was the Tempe Police public information officer when the original employment application of Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff mysteriously disappeared after being requested by the East Valley Tribune.
According to, a online forum of current and former Tempe police officers, Horn told the newspaper that the application had been lost and could not be found. Ryff had checked that he was “Caucasian” on his original application, even though he was lauded as the “first Hispanic police chief” in Tempe when he was promoted in 2007. Horn is part of a well-known “good ‘ol boys” network at the Tempe Police Department who will lie for one another, commit adultery together, destroy public documents (a felony), among other things.



I know very little about Kyran Jones, other than the fact he’s a former Arizona State football player. After doing a quick scan of his Maricopa County Superior Court record, he was on probation for something a while back, but in this country, at least 25 percent of “black” men are either on probation or in prison (I will likely add to that percentage, as the goal of the U.S. justice system is 50 percent or more). Horn and several other thugs at the Tempe Police Department are just as imperfect as Kyran Jones, yet are blindly considered “heroes” by the court of public opinion. And let’s be honest; its mostly European Americans who see police as “heroes.” Latinos and “blacks” generally view them as gangsters and thugs. And the pattern is ever-so-prevalent in Tempe.

Tempe Police thug Mike Wallace was not only named in the Notice of Claim I served on the City of Tempe and its police department on January 16, but also in another claim from 2005, alleging some of the same constitutional violations. And now that still unnamed Tempe Police thug who shot and killed someone’s dog while he was off-duty in Pennsylvania, may face criminal charges (unless Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff’s lie coaching works again). Guess since this “unnamed” individual is a Euro-American cop and not a “black” quarterback, PETA will leave this one alone, as they did for Chandler cop Tom Lovejoy when he cooked his police dog in his patrol car. Simply put, bad things happen to bad people.

Kyran Jones, according to the story, was beating the crap out of this Sgt. Horn guy before a private citizen had to jump in and save him; more proof that badges and guns are thug cops’ sole defense mechanism. Horn got what he deserved, considering he was not in his police uniform when he approached Jones; he only verbally “identified” himself as a cop, and he thinks he’s above the law.

Chief Ryff said he “appreciated the county attorney’s effort in prosecuting this case.” I assume Ryff will have the same appreciation for a United States attorney investigating his lying and possibly using government funds for hookers; and hope Horn appreciates being investigated for destroying public documents to cover for his homeboy Ryff. In the meantime, Kyran Jones is the hero in this case.

The Tempe Police deserve any and all ills that may come their way.

One thought on “Kyran Jones Should Be Rewarded, Released From Prison

  1. djphillips

    Do you really expect the Police Department to write the whole truth in their report.? Seven years is a pretty steep sentence. After all Sgt. Horn was assaulted not hospitalized , or killed. Even I should beware, if stopped in Tempe.


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