Lovelle Mixon, Four Dead Oakland Cops, and U.S. Society

NEW VIDEO: UPDATED 3/28/2009 8:03pm PST

by Brian A. Wilkins

One of the major divides in our country, when it comes to race relations, just got a little wider. 

Lovelle Mixon

The “African American” forum on has a poll as to what people think of Lovelle Mixon, the Oakland man who shot and killed four cops with an AK-47 yesterday. 33 people have responded to the post (as of publishing time), with 20 (60 percent) calling Mixon a “warrior”; another eight respondents (24 percent) called him a “martyr.”

A blogger named “angrywhiteguy” wrote that Mixon is a martyr because “[he was a victim] of a racist, corrupt, fascist police system that needs to be changed from top-bottom and all the way through.” Mike, from Meridan, CT, wrote, “Karma is a bitch…racist cops racial profile, harrass, and kill us everyday, so I am not at all upset that [4 cops are dead].”

Assata Shakur headlined her entry about the shooting “Oakland Police Shooter Kills 3 PIGS.” In another blog entitled “Lovelle Mixon Goes Out In A Blaze Of Glory,” a comment left by “sheilona carr” says, “man he went out like a G. I got respect for him. He had balls. I just wish he would have gotten away.”

Most Euro-American media message boards are, not surprisingly, filled with several “nigger scum,” “civil war 2,” and “go back to Africa” comments, along with condolences to the cops’ families. The San Francisco Chronicle has deleted two comments Operation Nation tried posting to test and see if the paper would allow comments supportive of Mixon or non-supportive of the police.Nearly all of the Euro-American media accounts refer to Mixon as “the parolee” and frequently mention a “criminal record.” The outrage from the Euro-American community is similar to the reaction when O.J. Simpson likely became the first “black” man in the USA to ever be acquitted for murdering “whites.”

At the 1:05 mark in this video, the human emotions of the Goldman family, as they learned Simpson got away with killing their son and brother, are the same emotions “blacks” feel every time criminal police are acquitted (while being on “PAID ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE”), or not charged at all, or even promoted to a higher paying position after murdering their sons, fathers, or daughters.

“Black” people in the United States are frequently belittled and frankly, laughed at, for always destroying their own property in so-called riots after police murder another one of their sons. “Blacks” are also clowned for killing each other over fabricated gang problems. This may be the first time in recent history that a Nubian American man actually retaliated against the true enemy. 
Reports say that Mixon worked as a janitor for a while, but was frequently harassed by the person Alameda County designated his “parole officer.” He had a difficult time finding work because he was “classified” by the U.S. justice system as a “convicted felon” and his frustration and depression were building up, according to Mixon’s uncle. The proverbial “do the crime, do the time” is a fallacy, as a “felony conviction” is a life sentence that prevents you from being employed, having a place to live and enjoying life and liberty.

Is Lovelle Mixon a martyr or a murderer? You can argue both, but the fact is, all soldiers, regardless of what army they are part of, are murderers AND martyrs to their countrymen (and women) and commanders. Euro-American media and the European American community at large will keep the four dead Oakland cops in the news for eternity, as they do the Caylee’s, Haylee’s, and Jon Benet’s of our country.

Their blood-thirst will continue praising U.S. military for slaughtering babies, women and unarmed men in Muslim countries across the globe. They will also continue praising their cops are slaughtering unarmed, innocent people here in the U.S., most of whom are “black.” Anybody who fights back against the Euro-imperialism is deemed an “animal,” “terrorist,” or something worse. They decided to turn Mr. Mixon into a “child rapist” in their media.

The whole situation is a shame and shouldn’t have had to happen. Mixon and his work will either be the wake-up call our Congress and President need to make major overhauls in our obviously corrupt criminal justice system, or will set off even more radical police murders of “blacks” and hopefully more retaliation by “blacks.” Message boards are filled with Euro-American hatred of “blacks” and many are suggesting a Civil War over this incident. Cops will now be even more malicious towards “blacks” after this incident. And “blacks” need to be more vigilant in protecting themselves as a result.

Our streets are going to look like those of Mogadishu if police are continually acquitted of murder charges and prosecutors are continually given free reign to lock “blacks” in cages. Terrorists Scott Nugent, Johannes Mehserle, and Tim Cox are thug cops who are still either awaiting trial or waiting for charges to be filed. This justice system can make an example of these scum, which would go a long way in healing the divides between cops and Nubian Americans. That, or “Welcome to Somalia, USA.”

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