Fox News’ Glenn Beck Embarrasses, Discredits Himself Twice In 24 Hours

by Brian A. Wilkins

My question to Glenn Beck is this: why even bother going on ABC’s “The View” if you “knew it was coming” yet still had no intelligent responses to any of the questions and accusations? It’s better you just watch it yourself.

But then later that day, Beck, back in the friendly confines of Fox
News, had plenty to say once he could talk behind the backs of Whoopi
Goldberg, Barbara Walters, et al. Beck actually skipped his own show
that night, claiming he had “24 hour swine flu” but had plenty to say
in a telephone interview with his substitute host.

All this Beck guy proved is that he full of hot air and when pressed
about his own beliefs, he can’t even give a straight answer. But he
does work for Fox News, so what do you expect.

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