Paul Schene and King County (WA) Cop Thuggery

by Heidi Peterson
Operation Nation Staff

Here is a list of Crimes King County Government officials commit
and are paid while doing and get away with:

Paul Schene beats Malika Calhoun Part of King County police pattern behavior;

His partner Brian Bonner smashed a woman’s head into a car;…

Denny Gulla molested children, one whom became crippled after a suicide attempt;…

Pat Covey beats prostitutes and commited felony sex acts on a child;…

Bill Jensen is a rapist who other King County police aided in committing his crimes rather than protect the victims.


Terror in Seattle: was there really only one serial killer? How come the police were with some of the same girls right before they were killed? Why are the grave sights in the territory of the former head of the police department, Sheriff Dave Reichert? 

Fight Vice – which are bad deeds which harm others – if we don’t fight bureaucratic corruption, which is allowing innocent citizens to be killed by the police, women and children to become sex slaves or sexually abused by the police, false testimony in courts caused by police extortion of fake witnesses.

Help prevent abuse and slavery in Seattle… Uphold Citizen’s rights to live!


Seattle Thug Cop Paul Schene Attacks 15-Year-Old Girl (2/28/2009)

Seattle Thug Cop Matthew Paul Attacks Innocent Man; Leaves Him In A Coma (5/23/2009)

4 thoughts on “Paul Schene and King County (WA) Cop Thuggery

  1. Engineer

    She shouldn’t attack police officers: I have no problem beating women who commit violence toward me.

    Ms Calhoun is POS hoodess.

  2. George

    What: you have a problem with cops defending themselves aginst abusive an assulting women?

    Women get no pass from me because of their gender if they are violent toward me


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