Killer Cop Dan Lovelace Hired By Pinal County (AZ) Sheriff’s Office

by Brian A. Wilkins



Only in America can a murderer get right back into the same type of job they had before they killed another American citizen. Of course, former Chandler (AZ) police thug Dan Lovelace is a COP (Constitutionally Protected) thug, thus can murder anyone he wants without consequences.

For those of you unfamiliar, Lovelace responded to a call at Walgreens in Chandler, AZ on October 11, 2002. 35-year-old Ms. Dawn Rae Nelson was trying to pass a phony prescription for muscle relaxers. When Lovelace pulled up beside her on his motorcycle, Ms. Nelson tried to speed away, as several witnesses attested to. In an encounter that lasted less than five seconds, Lovelace fired a single shot, killing Ms. Nelson instantly while her 14-month-old baby sat in the back seat.

In a rare occurence in U.S. jurisprudence, Lovelace was actually charged with murder. The trial turned out to be an absolute joke in which the defense attorneys should absolutely be ashamed of themselves.

They attacked Ms. Nelson relentlessly, calling her an “unfit mother” and basically said she deserved to die because of her “felonious conduct.” Prosecutors, for some reason, failed to mention at trial that Lovelace was also involved in a March 2000 fatal high-speed chase.

Lovelace was acquitted of murder, but the City of Chandler ruled the killing of Nelson unjustified. Both incidents in total cost the city almost $5 million in civil settlements.

And now this thug was hired by his old buddy from their days at the Chandler Police Dept., Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu.


Lovelace will apparently work as a detention officer in the Pinal County Jail. The United States simply does not punish thug cops for murder and/or assault. I cannot find any instance where, no matter how damning the evidence, a killer cop was sent to prison, and its even more rare for them to even be charged with murder.

Oakland rent-a-cop Johannes Mehserle is currently facing murder charges after killing Mr. Oscar Grant in cold blood. But based on history, he will walk at trial or on appeal. And though several witnesses will testify to a cold-blooded murder, it would be a surprise to see Le Sueur County (MN) police thug Todd Waldron even charged for the murder of Tyler Heilman.

Again, because this is America and thug cops are allowed to murder its citizens.

6 thoughts on “Killer Cop Dan Lovelace Hired By Pinal County (AZ) Sheriff’s Office

  1. Joe Martin

    You are correct. The Code of Silence exists not only in military in The U.S., but in law enforcement,too, unfortunately. They will do anything to cover their asses and crooked assets. That’s why so many cops lean on CIA for special equipment. You can hear such talk on various police scanners. J.M.

  2. jack

    You look at old footage of nazi germanys treatment of the jews and current american law enforcement and the simularities are almost a mirror image We need to stand together and change this. its out of hand when they can violate your rights and there are no repocucions because they are above the laws they enforce. who gave them so much power??????????????????????????????

  3. Steve

    One of Sheriff Babeu deputies was called to my house where I Identified myself wit full name and Arizona Drivers Licence Officer went and talked to my son came out and wanted to talk to me outside and again asked for my Identifacation and before I could get my wallet out of my pocket Had me handcuffed to the point of almost drawing Blood and slammed my head against the door frame not giving me my Miranda or stating what the charges were. when I ask the only answers I got was shut you fucking mouth , at the jail I got the same answer “shut your Fucking Mouth, Now I have to go to Kangaroo court and who’s word are they going to take mine or the overzealous Officers?

  4. krish

    Brian keep writing about these killer thugs till they get the message that we do not need them gaurding the hen house.

  5. Sima freekiwy

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  6. carol hixon

    i totally agree. this cop is a murderer.a few days after it happened i spent a saturday @ a driving school(to take care of a ticket in chandler,az)i met & discussed dan lovelace & the murder he commited. a woman who said her son was a chandler police officer. she said adamantly that cops have a right to shoot & therefore dan lovelace was being railroaded i was so angry, but since she was black, i did not respond. I feared I would cause a race riot.

    Carol Hixon RN


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