Christopher John Monfort: IF He Killed Timothy Brenton…

by Brian A. Wilkins

Christopher John Monfort
Mr. Christopher John Monfort

Though we’ll withhold judgment until all the facts come out (because, obviously, police thugs lie), if Mr. Christopher John Monfort – of Tukwila, WA – is the person who killed Seattle cop Timothy Brenton on Halloween night, to use the words of Operation Nation contributor Heidi Peterson, “this is an upstanding citizen. I guess he just gave up on the justice system and took matters into his own hands.” I couldn’t agree more.

The Seattle Times has identified Mr. Monfort as the “suspect” who killed Brenton. Mr. Monfort, 41, was shot in the head at his apartment by Seattle cops yesterday, after they said he “pulled a gun on detectives” when they allegedly approached him for questioning. Mr. Monfort survived, however is in serious condition. What apparently led Seattle cops to Mr. Monfort was his patriotism: he left American flags at the scene where he allegedly torched four police cars on October 22, and at the scene of Brenton’s demise a week later. Mr. Monfort also left fliers at the alleged car torching scene about King County thug cop Paul Schene senselessly assaulting 15-year-old Malika Calhoun earlier this year.

Even though the First, Fifth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution are supposed to protect American citizens from government malice, said amendments rarely serve that purpose in real life, even though Mr. Monfort and tens of millions of other Americans want to believe in our Constitution (which also, in its sole obsolete antiquity, still protects judges, prosecutors, and cops from criminal and most civil liability for rogue acts).

Euro-American media will have a difficult time villifying this man as a “black thug” or “black parolee,” as he has more education than likely 90 percent of the Seattle police force, who at best went through a 16-24 week “academy” to earn their license to kill (or they may have obtained fake college degrees, like Washington State Patrol troopers do). Mr. Monfort earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington in March of 2008. His major was in Law, Societies, and Justice.”  Upon his graduation, he became part of the university’s McNair Scholars Program, which promotes graduate studies for “minority” students.

What is more fascinating and inspiring about Mr. Monfort is his project he was working on for the McNair program, entitled, “The Power of Citizenship Your Government Doesn’t Want You To Know About: How To Change The Inequality Of the Criminal Justice System Immediately, Through Active Citizen Nullification Of Law, As A Juror.” According to the Seattle Times, Mr. Monfort’s work would “illuminate and further” the work of Mr. Paul Butler, a law professor at George Washington University.

Professor Paul Butler

Mr. Butler, who earned his bachelor’s degree from Yale and his law degree from Harvard, posited in a 1995 Yale Law Journal article, that, “it is the moral responsibility of black jurors to emancipate some guilty black outlaws” (i.e. non-violent drug offenders). This principle, known as jury nullification, says jurors should acquit black defendants no matter the strength of the evidence, since “blacks” are usually otherwise convicted by all “white” juries regardless of the strength of evidence.

It is beautiful to see this educated brotha working on the impossible and deadly task of trying to change this Confederate, Euro, modern day slave trade the U.S. calls the “justice system.” Professor Butler’s theories and Mr. Monfort’s furthering of them are real issues Nubians need to pay attention too. Though the Euro-American community and their media dismiss this as “black paranoia,” “blacks blaming ‘whitey’,” etc., the U.S. Justice System replaced slavery as a way insecure Euro-boys can always feel better about themselves, even though slavery was technically outlawed in 1868 via the 13th Amendment (note: to Euro-Americans who call themselves “Republicans” and “conservatives,” the “Abe Lincoln was a Republican and ended slavery” hyberbole is only dignified by the uneducated).

Police in the USA are the henchmen on the frontline in the continual slavery of “blacks” in this country. There was no such thing as “police” in the United States until the early 1800s, when “police” agencies were first founded to “catch runaway slaves.” This is still the philosophy of cop shops in America today. The job of police is to either murder “blacks” or charge them with any felony possible, which would rob them of their right to vote, right to bear arms, to gainful employment, and in some states, their duty to serve on juries, which of course is the U.S. “justice system’s” slick little way of nullifying Professor Butler’s theory. One in four “black” men in this country are disenfranchised because of felony convictions, and if you have a brother who is the governor of Florida when you are running for President of the USA, he can disenfranchise even more “black” Americans to help get you elected.

Once the henchmen enter Nubian Americans into this system, it is then up to prosecutors and judges to force them into signing plea agreements for “reduced felonies” before the matter can even go to trial, which would keep alive the slim chance for justice to actually happen. But because public defenders are worthless for the most part (especially in Maricopa County, AZ), and most “blacks” do not know their rights in these U.S. “courts,” they are dragged through this system like hogs in a packing plant.

Mr. Monfort is an intelligent man, and a man who sees the U.S. “justice system” for what it is and could no longer could wait for President Barack Obama to stop having beers with rogue cops who violate regular Americans’ Constitutional rights on a daily basis. “Black” men generally have to wait years and sometimes decades for justice, IF they get any justice at all in this country. Far too many “black” men have been freed from prison after decades of incarceration when DNA evidence clears them of malicious convictions by all-“white” juries. And according to Amnesty International, 60 percent of U.S. juveniles who have been sentenced to life imprisonment without parole are “black.” The U.S. Supreme Court will finally review this issue, though its a few decades too late.

Timothy Brenton is dead. And now the Seattle Police can take their paid vacations (aka “paid administrative leave”) and become aroused by all the cop-suckers who will inevitably co
me out and praise them as heroes. And IF Mr. Monfort killed Brenton, it is only retaliation to the Maafa, aka The Real Holocaust. Mr. Monfort felt as if he died as soon as he realized this government only works against average citizens and not for them, and as “a black” citizen, the only true inalienable right you have in this country is the right to go to prison, the right to be dragged theough this justice system, and the right to be murdered by radical Christian terrorists.

The reason the extent of U.S. public schools’ curriculum for “black history” centers around slavery and Martin Luther King is because the combination of the two keeps “black” children defenseless, weak, acquiescent and in a state of mind that there is nothing they can do in the face of this global slavery. Nat Turner, Malcolm X, Lovelle Mixon (see below), and now Mr. Christopher John Monfort are who U.S. schools and media will keep said children ignorant about. But we’ll do our best to change that.



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One thought on “Christopher John Monfort: IF He Killed Timothy Brenton…

  1. Bill Hicks

    No, if Mr. Christopher John Monfort – of Tukwila, WA – is the person who killed Seattle cop Timothy Brenton on Halloween night – then he is nothing but a murdering thug. A murdering thug who accomplished nothing other than the senseless killing of an innocent man out of personal rage at others’ crimes.

    As for the author, you are also a thug – an ignorant thug. You are an anachronism and you don’t even realize it. Where you really belong is in 1986 in Times Square with the other 5%ers, shouting and bitching about the “evil white man” who keeps the black man down. Wake up pal. There is a bona-fide black middle class in the United States now and has been for a while. For those who want to educate themselves and work hard there is plenty of opportunity and reward. I know because I see it every day. You won’t care about those facts though since they are too inconvenient. You’d rather bitch and complain and blame a few rogue cops on your failure to succeed in life. I’ll bet you call this “keepin’ it real.” I’ll bet you won’t “sell out to the man!”. Well, keep thinking that way and keep on being a loser. This cop was a good man, a real man – not a whiny little child like you. I’m thankful for his service, as are the great majority of all Americans.

    As for you – your rantings are those of a child. A sad ignorant child who doesn’t value the hard work it takes to succeed.


    I’m curious as to why you call yourself “the…white man” and “the man”? And as far as”keepin’ it real” and “sell out to the man,” you have the freedom in this forum to use any adjectives and/or colloquiolisms you wish (except for racial slurs) in response to articles posted here. Thank you for commenting.


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