Average Price For Police Thugs To Murder Or Assault Americans: About $600,000

by Brian A. Wilkins

Police thugs feel comfortable murdering American citizens because the U.S. Constitution (Eleventh Amendment) protects them from most civil liability. And even if an attorney is savvy enough to get around the archaic, sadistic amendment, the average price U.S. municipalities pay for their cops to enjoy the apparent “privilege” to murder, rape, and/or assault Americans is around $600,000 per victim; a relatively cheap price for taking someone’s life and/or well-being. And none of it ever comes out of the pocket of the actual murderer or assailant.

We’ll first take a look at the case of Jose Baudillo Lemus-Rodriguez.

Mr. Lemus-Rodriguez

On December 23, 2007, Mr. Lemus-Rodriguez was murdered by Fort Wayne, Indiana police thug James Arnold, who had been on the force for less than two months, when the cop emptied an 18-round Glock into the victim’s car, after a short chase. Lemus-Rodriguez was unarmed, and of course, thug Arnold was not charged with any crimes and returned to his cop job after a few months of “paid administrative leave.”

It is extremely difficult to believe anything Fort Wayne Police say about this case, as they to this day, refuse to release the dash-cam video of the incident. Very few people have ever seen the video, but one man who has – Larry Lee, a Fort Wayne businessman – said of the video, “I hate to say this to the embarrassment of our city and the embarrassment of our police department, if this particular video is allowed to be shown, and if it is ever shown, it will warrant national attention. It is that bad. It is that unprovoked.” County prosecutor Karen Richard, of course, called the murder, “objectionably reasonable” conduct by the police thug.

This past July, more than a year-and-a-half after Lemus-Rodriguez’s family filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit, the City of Fort Wayne paid an insulting $335,000 settlement to shut them up. The City of Fort Wayne likely got a discounted price for murdering Mr. Lemus-Rodriguez because he was an illegal immigrant.

Next, we take a look at the Fouad Kaady case.

Mr. Kaady

You can read for yourself all the different witness accounts and the B.S. accounts Sandy, Oregon police thug Bill Bergin and Clackamus County, Oregon police thug David Willard used to justify their cold-blooded murder of Mr. Kaady on September 25, 2008, but here is the summary.

Mr. Kaady, formerly of Gresham (OR), was suffering from a chronic mental illness (likely bi-polar disorder) when he accidentally set his moving car on fire after lighting a cigarette while a full gas can was in his car. According to his family, the flames caught onto Kaady’s body, causing him to panic and strip all his clothes off to protect himself from burning further. Mr. Kaady continued driving however, and struck several cars until he crashed into a wooded area. Police thugs Bergin and Willard arrived at the scene with their guns already drawn.

Kaady, delusional from being severely burned, naked, bleeding, and likely having a manic episode, did not respond when the thug cops told him to turn over on his stomach. They Tasered the burned, naked Kaady twice before firing seven bullets, killing him instantly. Thug Willard said he shot Kaady because he was bleeding and “did not want to touch him” because Kaady might have had AIDS.

Obviously the City of Sandy and Clackamus County have something to hide. Even though Oregon arson investigators claimed they found no remnants of a burned or exploded gas can in the car and said the fire did not start from inside the car (believe that if you want), the City of Sandy settled their portion of a federal lawsuit filed by Mr. Kaady’s family for $1 million. Clackamus County is still litigating the case.

And if police thugs do not kill you, they can permanently or otherwise disfigure and assault you for an even cheaper price. The case of Angela Garbarino was covered by our website, and is still one of the most disgusting, cowardly acts I’ve ever seen an alleged “man” commit.

Ms. Garbarino was arrested by little cowardly-bitch Shreveport, Lousiana police thug Wiley Willis in November of 2007. The before and after pictures of Ms. Garbarino speak for themselves.

Please note that Ms. Garbarino was handcuffed the whole time. The City of Shreveport settled the case for a mere $400,000.

A few other cases go like this:

-Mr. Curtis Good was murdered in his own apartment by Perth Amboy, NJ police thug Carmen Fazzolari when the cop shot him six times on August 20, 2004. Almost five years later, the city settled the federal lawsuit for $1.35 million.

-Ms. Kelly Medora, who weighed about 120 pounds, had her right-arm broken by 250-plus pound San Francisco police thug Christopher Damonte on January 23, 2005, after he twisted her arm so hard, it snapped right between her bicep and tricep. Thug Damonte was attempting to arrest Ms. Medora for “standing in the street.” The city settled the federal lawsuit in January of 2008 for $235,000.

-Mr. Roger Wolfe, a Charleston, WV attorney, was senselessly attacked by West Virginia State police thugs on June 17, 2007.

Mr. Roger Wolfe after the attack.

This past October, the State Police settled the federal lawsuit for $200,000.

The two prevailing themes here are that the victims and/or the victims’ families had to wait years for these “settlements” and that none of the police thugs were charged with any crimes. There is only one exception in U.S. history which come close to an American getting real justice after police thugs attack.

Mr. Abner Louima, the Haitian immigrant from Brooklyn, NY, received a $9 million settlement after homo-thug Brooklyn cop Justin Volpe sodomized Louima with a broken broomstick on August 9, 1997.

Mr. Louima now does philanthropic
work in Haiti.

Mr. Louima got a relatively high settlement, and thug Volpe is now serving 30 years in prison (though, of course, the cop-sucking community
believes thug Volpe should be pardoned and released). But the only reason the police thug is now in prison and Mr. Louima got such a large settlement is because the international attention the story got. The United States had to temper the now-obvious fact that it is a police state which protects thug cops, prosecutors, and judges from any sort of criminal or civil liability for their malicious acts.

So the question for Americans is this: would you rather wait three or four years for a POSSIBLE, relatively tiny settlement or take matters into your own hands? Though the U.S. Supreme Court is now debating whether the Constitution should continue to absolutely protect prosecutors who intentionally lie to convict someone (yes, prosecutors can charge you with a crime, lie about and fabricate evidence, get caught, and cannot be held responsible criminally or in a civil lawsuit), this small “gesture” will still hold very few criminal government employees accountable.

This Congress, in the alleged era of “change,” needs to add a 28th Amendment to the Constitution that repeals the Eleventh Amendment (which protects criminal judges, cops, and prosecutors), and include in said amendment federal mandatory minimum prison sentences for cops, judges, and prosecutors who abuse their positions (10 years without parole is a good starting point); and enact a new executive department consisting of federal agents and a diverse citizen’s review board, that handles every case of malfeasance, brutality, and murder by the aforementioned.

But we all know this will never happen in a police state. Its pretty rare for a federal civil rights case to even get to the point of trial or settlement, as judges are quick to dismiss them via the first demurrer filed by the defendant municipality. Cities will continue to pay the small “settlements” to allow their thug cops to persist in all recreational activities, such as rape, murder, and assault. And Americans will seemingly continue to accept the blood money, which in most cases is gone within a few years…just like their brother, sister, mother, father and/or cousin police killed.

American citizens need to realize one very disturbing reality: O.J. Simpson, a RICH “black” American citizen, was acquitted (like all thug cops are) after murdering two other Americans: Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson. Instead of a paltry $1 million civil settlement you and I would MAYBE have gotten four-plus years after thug cops are acquitted for murdering our family members, the Goldman’s and Nicole Brown Simpson’s families got a ridiculous $33.5 million civil judgment (which they never saw a penny of) about 15 months after Simpson was acquitted. You may draw your own conclusion from there.

4 thoughts on “Average Price For Police Thugs To Murder Or Assault Americans: About $600,000

  1. davila252

    i agree!
    curtis good was my uncle
    it upsets me to know that it had to take so much time for my family to get justice. my uncle was an innocent man – that police officer had no right to do what he did. my uncle was unarmed. my uncle had every right to be angry in the privacy of his own home. the officer was having an affair with my uncles girlfriend. i think they set the whole thing up.

  2. Vincent

    I just had a brother in law in Bella Vista,Ark. who was shot and killed for having 3 beer in a bar. After doing 2 j turns on the police and going off the road a Bella Vista ,Ark Police Officer shot 5 rounds into the back of his car that wasn’t moving and murder him and then ask him to put his hands on the steering wheel . Jame’s didn’t have a gun and the police officer knew who he was and where he lived.The Bella Vista Police are now trying to cover it up and put Jame’s in the wrong to protect there ass.Jame’s was 41 is dead and still no answer’s as to why he was murdered by the Bella Vista,Ark Police.Still want answers????????????? Wong full death by the Police Dept. This is what people in Bella Vista , Ark call serve and protect by there law enforcement. Murder then make up your own answers.

  3. Carmen A Fazzolari

    It upsets me to know that my father, the officer in question, has zero rights here. Your uncle was found to have levels of cocaine in his system which excited a condition called “cocaine induced excited delirium,” so no your uncle was not an innocent man. Such a condition is explanation for 7 shots to bring him down. However, if I recall Good’s girlfriend’s son called the cops on him. Mr. Good was breaking the law and he told my father he was going to kill him. Police officers are taught to shoot to kill. Therefore, my father was correct in his actions and a jury found him so. What I feel is the greatest sadness here is that if the result were reversed, and my father had been the one to die that night, he would have just been another cop killed in the line of duty. I don’t think that my family would have received $1.35 if my father had been killed on that sad night.

  4. davila252

    7 times? really? 7 shots needed to be fired? fuck your father. he took my uncles life. that money the city gave my little cousins will never give them back they’re father EVER.


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