NYPD, Pittsburgh (PA) Thug Cops Brutally Assault Unarmed, Handcuffed Men

by Brian A. Wilkins

This is Mr. Jordan Miles after being brutally
attacked by Pittsburgh Police.

Before January 12, 2010, 18-year-old Mr. Jordan Miles was a college-bound viola player, in a jazz band, and attending one of the best creative arts high schools in the state of Pennsylvania. At about 11pm on that aforementioned Tueday night, Mr. Miles became “a black” in the United States.

Mr. Miles exited his mother’s home and began walking to his grandmother’s place, where he had planned to spend the night. A few minutes into the walk, three men (none of whom had police uniforms on) jumped out of a car which was parked on the street. The three thugs – who were all “white” – began demanding “money,” “drugs,” and “guns” from the teenager. Mr. Miles, believing he was being attacked by thug racist white boys, tried to run, but slipped on the icy sidewalk.

What happened thereafter is nothing short of aggravated assault and attempted murder. The three thugs began beating and kicking Mr. Miles, culminating with the animal cops ripping a patch of Mr. Miles hair out of his scalp (see the photo above). But because this is the United States, Mr. Miles was charged with “aggravated assault on a police officer” and “resisting arrest,” while the police thugs were simply “reassigned.” 

And to add insult to serious injury, Mr. Miles was in court last Thursday to answer the criminal complaint, which lists the three police thugs as “victims.”

Watch a report from WTAE Channel 4 Action News In Pittsburgh:

Mr. Miles’ mother says they will file a federal lawsuit, and the mayor of Pittsburgh says that if an “investigation” reveals excessive force, the police thugs will be “dealt with accordingly.” In U.S. jurisprudence, “investigations” mean the thug cops will not face any criminal charges, MIGHT get fired, and WILL find another job on some other police force.

We now turn our attention to another brutal attack by police thugs on an American citizen: this time in terrorist cop central: New York City. It was Monday, January 5 when NYPD thug cops John Cicero and William Green chimped out on tape, kicking and punching Mr. Jonathan Baez while he was handcuffed on the ground. The raw video speaks for itself.

Mr. Baez was charged with drug crimes, but the charges were dismissed at his initial court appearance. Mr. Baez lawyer, says all the cops who were present should be punished, since they all stood around like a normal activity was going on (NYPD thug cops assaulting, raping, and murdering American citizens, I guess, IS business as usual). Instead, Cicero and Green were suspended, but not charged with any crimes; while two sergeants were moved to “desk duty.”

This whole idea of “investigations” for these brutal attack is likely as insulting to me and American citizens as someone telling Israel that there should be “investigations” before determining if any Jews were killed in Germany. The bottom line is that none of the involved thug cops will be charged with any crimes, and all of them will either keep the job they have now, or get another cop job somewhere else.

The 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution was enacted because, back in the late 1700, American citizens armed themselves against foreign British police forces who were only there to harrass, assault, murder, and rape the people. The British tyrants wore red; these people nowadays wear blue. This “justice system” gives certain people CONSTITUTIONAL permission to murder, rape, and assault American citizens (see the Eleventh Amendment), and those of us who stand up to it are deemed “unpatriotic,” “terrorist,” or simply “crazy.”

They are protected by the Eleventh Amendment, and we must protect ourselves with the 2nd Amendment. If the system will not punish murderers and thugs with badges, we must do it ourselves. And the fact none of these police thugs will be held accountable for their actions (none ever are), what other choice do we have. Arm yourselves now.

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