Portland (OR) Police Thug Murders Unarmed Aaron Campbell

UPDATED 2/5/2010: Portland Police Chief Dan Saltzman Allegedly Wants To Make Grand Jury Probe Public

I’ll believe it when I see it (though Chief Ken Farmer of the Bella Vista, AR Police Dept. should at least pay attention to this). Grand jury proceedings have always been closed to the public and the transcripts subsequently “confidential,” which is why its hard for rational Americans to trust such proceedings. However, Saltzman said, in a letter to the D.A. that this was his wish. Read the letter in PDF format
Mr. Aaron M. Campbell stands by the hospital bed of his brother, Mr. Timohty Douglass.
Family photo originally posted at KATU.com.

Scott Westerman, the head of the Portland Police Union, summed this case up best, saying, “basically, we shot an unarmed black guy running away from us.”

Portland thug cop Ronald Frashour has now joined his killer Portland cop brothers –
Jason Sery, Stephen Mosier, Christopher Gilbert, and Scott McCollister – by murdering yet another unarmed “black” American, this time Mr. Aaron Campbell, in cold-blood last Friday, January 29. 

The tale Portland Police are using is the proverbial “suicide by cop” excuse, which is becoming much more common to justify thug cop savagery. A friend of Mr. Campbell called police because Mr. Campbell was despondent after learning his brother, Mr. Timothy Douglass, had died earlier in the day at a Portland hospital, of unspecified health problems. Mr. Campbell was inside an apartment with three children and a woman, and possessed a gun, like many other Americans do. Mr. Campbell did not threatened anyone with his firearm.

The woman was outside of the apartment when police arrived and the children came out about an hour later, completely unharmed as expected. Mr. Campbell then came out of the apartment with his hands behind his head. Police say he “refused to follow orders” by not putting his hands in the air, which prompted police thug Ryan Lewton to fire several bean-bag shots at Mr. Campbell. Obviously hurt by the shots, Mr. Campbell instinctively moved his hands to where he was shot, which was enough to prompt thug Frashour to fire one shot from an assault rifle into Mr. Campbell’s back, killing him instantly. His gun was later found in a closet.

Frashour said he “felt threatened” by Mr. Campbell tending to the bean-bag shots.

Several witnesses have said Mr. Campbell cooperated with every order, but was murdered anyway. The killer cop and his accomplice were both rewarded with paid vacations.

Watch a report from KATU Channel 2 in Portland.

And watch video from KPTV Fox 12 in Oregon with family reaction.

We have previously written about Multnomah County District Attorney Michael Shrunk; you know, the guy who threatened to prosecute a Portland woman on frivolous charges if she pursued a federal lawsuit against Portland Police thugs who assaulted her. He never has and never will charge a murdering cop with any crimes, and the same should be expected here. Maybe this guy is Maricopa County (AZ) lead prosecutor, Andrew Thomas’, long-lost dad.

And keep in mind, this same thug Frashour who murdered Mr. Campbell was named in a 2007 federal lawsuit for using a Taser on journalist Frank Waterhouse, who was filming Portland police as they searched a friend’s yard. Frashour claimed in his police report that Mr. Waterhouse’s camera could be used as “a weapon.” As one independent police videographer put it, “the camera IS a weapon; a weapon against tyanny, oppression, and lies.”

It should be disturbing to all Americans that not only are police thugs in Portland given the green light to murder American citizens and not be punished, but they specifically target “black” Americans who are unarmed. However, cop-suckers in Portland, similar to those in neighboring Washington State, continue to praise the killers and criminalize the victims.

Our thoughts are with the Campbell family, who lost two young men in one day. One unnecessarily, as a result of yet another U.S. government-sanctioned murder.


Multnomah County (OR) D.A. Michael Schrunk Threatened Prosecution If Woman Sued Police (12/18/2009)

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  1. Uncahal

    Portland is a racist city ain’t it? I’d have to say I’m a white guy that feels that blacks should defend themselves.Much more Black Panther then MLK jr.Fuck the police.


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