The Obama Effect: “White” Americans Being Killed By Police More Than Ever

by Brian A. Wilkins

Victims (top row) James Patrick Ahern, Tyler Heilman, Niles Meservey, and Vincent Steen; and (bottom row) Tanner Chamberlain – 15 years old; Brett “Dewey” Elder – 15 years old; James “Jimbo” Nelson – murder just this week by Portland (OR) police thugs; and David Masters. All of these Americans were murdered by police thugs in the past 12 months alone. Before 2008, “white” Americans being attacked and/or murdered by police was rare, but when it did happen, it was usually beyond disgusting and savage…the October 20, 2006 savage rape Ms. Hope Steffey survived at the disgusting hands of Stark County (OH) police thugs comes to mind. Commentary is unnecessary, because the pictures speak for themselves.

When I was a kid, in the 80s, 90s, and aughts (?), EVERY “officer involved shooting” and other acts of savagery were “white cop,” “black” victim. Granted, “blacks” still are far more likely to be killed by a cop than any other “race” now, and throughout American history. But this new, and not surprising trend, of European Americans (“whites”) being slaughtered like they’d only seen their “black” counterparts experience throughout history, is the start of what is ineviitably and obviously the Obama Effect.

President Barack Obama’s victory in 2008 touched the most sensitive nerve possible in closet Jim Crow disciples, or Confederites, who make up a good 40-50 percent on the total “white” population in America. Those disciples, however, make up well over 80 percent of police populations, since the badge is to 2010, as the sheets were to 1960. There is a deeply embedded, 500-year culture in Euro-American men who view “blacks” as animals. And for them to see one of these “animals” sitting in the White House is “blashphemy, treason, socialism, Nazism, Islamic, and illegal” all in one to these people. Just listen to the biggest disgrace in the State of Iowa’s history, Congressman Steven King.

These people have even openly threatened to shoot and kill the President without any legal or criminal repercussions.

And the truth of the matter is, there is absolutely no way in hell Senator Obama becomes President without a minimum 35 percent of the so-called “white vote.” Confederites view this as a betrayal of the “white race.” And the mantra of these police thugs who murder anyone, anytime, indiscriminately, and irrationally, is, “you want to vote for a nigger…well, I’ll treat you like a nigger.” “Conservatives” want to “conserve” Euro-power, and they perceive Obama as an invader in “their” country (thus all the “birther” stuff). Those same “conservatives” are stauchly against other segments of the Euro-American population, such as homosexuals, “liberals,” and “white” Obama voters (which are basically all the same people). This Euro-on-Euro political tug-of-war has turned bloody, similar to the Abolitionists (Union) vs. Confederacy in Civil War I. Lets not forget, Texas governor Rick Perry has called for his state to secede from the union since Obama’s election.

“White-on-white” murders by police thugs are now being mimmicked by “tea party” Euro-Americans. Sarah Palin appears to be the leader of this movement, and on Wednesday, published a map on her Facebook page, depicting the crosshairs of a gun scope aimed at cities where she urged followers to “reload and aim” at several “white” Democrats.

The truth is that this healthcare reform bill greatly benefits “blacks,” Latinos, and poor “whites,” all of whom collectively are viewed as scum to Confederites, thus all the war and murder chants from Fox News. This alleged “reform” won’t change the drug culture in American medicine, where Euro-American recreational dope, such as Oxycontin, Xanax, and Adderol, can still be easily purchased at your nearest pharmacy…where in contrast, a brother smoking a blunt could be shot and killed by police thugs. Also, pharmaceutical companies will still bank on “lifetime drugs,” such as insulin, blood pressure meds, and cancer treatments, as opposed to being forced to work on true cures for what ails Americans.

This healthcare bill is the explosion resulting from the Obama Presidential fuse. But in reality (which many politicians can’t see), both sides win a little with this bill (of course after further enslaving all Americans further to the Federal Reserve): both rich Republicans and Democrats continue making billions in drug and insurance company revenues; Democratic and Republican constituents (“the poor”) will supposedly to be better and more efficiently taken care of by American doctors. Yes, Republicans are mad at the near $1 trillion price tag on this healthcare bill, just as Democrats were mad over the $1-plus trillion price tag on George Bush’s “Iraq War,” both of which make the banksters at the Federal Reserve very happy. But modern Democrats are supposed to be the party for the people, and this bill makes their voters very happy.

As Election Day 2010 approaches, I expect the number of casualties among “white” Americans at the hands of police thugs to continually rise, especially in Confederate states. I’ve always believed that if the entire “white” American population started emulating Iowa (my bias showing), our country would be far better off. This inbred Confederate mess (and California, NYPD, King County, WA, Chicago PD, et al.) is borderline war crime.

You have to wonder if the Obama effect could be reversed by…Obama. Rep. Dennis Kucinich had it right, when he proposed pulling all troops out of Afghanistan within 30 days. These bankster war games are getting pathetically old, and Obama is just as guilty as George Bush (maybe more) as far as advancing them. American “whites” belittle Canadian “whites” for being “soft” and “weak” because Canada is not a warmongering country, like virtually all of Europe and the USA. The President should pull the troops out of Afghanistan, and use them to get these inbreds cops here in the USA under control. Then the President can repeal the 11th Amendment’s “absolute immunity” clause, and create an executive review board, which works in conjunction with a citizens “jury board,” to investigate any and all assaults and murders by police thugs in the USA.

Those aforementioned, fantasy gestures by the President would empower the poor and powerless more than Confederites and copsuckers would ever want to “allow,” so it will never happen. And if those aforementioned gestures were ever put in place, LeSueur County (MN) police thug Todd Waldron would be someone’s bitch in prison right now for murdering Tyler Heilman; Bella Vista (AR) police thug Coleman Brackney would be in shackles for court appearances facing murder charges; the Porterville (CA) Police Dept. would be under a federal investigation after murdering Vincent Steen and others in the past year……..

But all that would empower the average person, meaning it will never happen peacefully in this country. 

One thought on “The Obama Effect: “White” Americans Being Killed By Police More Than Ever

  1. mike

    MCDONALD COUNTY, MO. – Officer involved shooting in Southwest City, Missouri

    The chief of police says it happened early Sunday morning around 2 a.m.
    The officer attempted to stop the suspect for a traffic violation and that is when the suspect ran from police.

    The suspect, a 26-year-old man from Arkansas, crashed his vehicle.
    That is where authorities say the shooting happened at Fry Road East of PP Highway.

    The suspect was taken to a Tulsa hospital and was last listed in serious condition.

    Chief Monty Brannon says the Missouri Highway Patrol is taking over the case.
    Troopers say details of whether or not the suspect had a weapon are not being released at this time.


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