The Obama Effect Part II: Thug Cops Being Charged With Murder More Than Ever

by Brian  A. Wilkins


These three low-life, killer cops, (L-R) Frank Tepper of Philadelphia PD; Troy Meade of Everett (WA) PD; and Johannes Mehserle of Bay Area Transit (BART) Police are currently facing murder charges in their respective states.


Mr. William Panas (L) was murdered on November 21, 2009, when thug Tepper, while off-duty, shot Panas in the chest. Mr. Niles Meservey (middle) was murdered on June 10, 2009, after thug Meade shot Meservey seven times in the back. And of course, who can forget Mr. Oscar Grant being savagely murdered on tape by Johannes Mehserle, New Years Eve/morning 2008/09.

In the history of my life and pretty much U.S. history in general, I cannot remember a time when THREE U.S. cops were facing murder charges at the same time. Putting it a different way, you have a better chance of winning the lottery in your lifetime than seeing a cop even charged with murder prior to 2008.

The Obama Effect [Part 1] centers around “white” Americans currently being murdered by police, more now than at any other time in U.S. history. In one of the most perfectly (or maybe coincidentally) juxtaposed U.S. culture phenomenons ever, Part 2 of the Obama Effect has caused more police thugs to be charged with murder than at any other time in history as well.

Let’s face it…President Obama pussed out when he had a chance to truly stand by his innate words and feelings, when he initially said that Cambridge douche cop James Crowley, who attacked Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates back in July 2009 – in Gates’ OWN home – “acted stupidly“…

…instead, President Obama immediately changed his tone a few days later, after he realized (likely as a result of Rahm Emmanuel’s encouragement), he would upset far too many “white” voters if the President didn’t backtrack on his gut criticism of police thugs.  (July 24, 2009).

In a matter of four days, President Obama went from one of my most admired people in U.S. history, to one of the biggest…well, I’ll reserve that one for the time being. The President realizes that he must be able to garner 35-40 percent of “white votes,” in order to get re-elected in 2012, and in order for Democrats not to lose too many House and Senate seats this November. In that regard, he made a strategically-necessary manuever in playing the MLK role with the Gates incident, but it was a relatively cheap price for him to sell his soul.

But since the Gates incident however, the country has taken an extremely small, yet extremely important, positive turn in the  U.S. justice system’s views of police. It was unheard of five years ago for a cop to be charged with murder for killing an American citizen in the line of duty. The last 12 months have seen three killer cops indicted on murder charges, and possibly four, if Bella Vista (AR) police thug Coleman Brackney is charged with murder, as he should be.

Nubians (“blacks”) will immediately point out that two of the three victims (3 of 4 IF Brackney is charged with murder) are “white,” and that is the only reason there is more attention being paid to these murders by state prosecutors. Well, this conclusion is true in every sense, but the bottom line is that police thugs are VERY slowly starting to be held responsible for their savagery. Granted police thugs still have a 95 percent chance of being cleared of wrongdoing in any and all misconduct investigations, in this world of perpetual negativity and sheer survival, any and all TANGIBLE positives should be celebrated.

Of course, the USA will pay far more attention to an issue if it effects “white” Americans. A story on last October 2009, illustrates this in the most accurate and convincing way. Seven women, Elizabeth Jane Smallwood, Taraha Nicholson, 28, Jarniece Hargrove, 31, Ernestine Battle, 50, Jackie Nikelia Thorpe, 35, Melody Wiggins, 29, and Denise Williams, 21, were murdered in Rocky Mount, NC in the past 5-ish years, and all the cases remain unsolved. “Authorities” in North Carolina are still searching for three more women, Yolanda Lancaster, 37, Joyce Renee Durham, 46, and Christine Boone, 43, all of whom are presumed dead.

Why aren’t these women known to the general public, like their murdered, missing counterparts: Jon Benet Ramsey, Natalie Holloway, and Caylee Anthony? Well obviously because all the aforementioned are “white,”  and all the women murdered in Rocky Mount are “black.” Euro-American media dominate, thus concern for their own will also.

But the fact that all of us can now use legal precedent in these cases where police thugs have murdered, assaulted, and/or raped our friends and family, is a small token in this era of “change” everyone is supposed to believe in. Yes, Mr. Oscar Grant had to be murdered ON TAPE for the killer cop Mehserle to be charged, but this is why I advise all Americans, especially “blacks,” to buy and install dash-cams in their cars,  which a really good one is on sale now.

CarCam Voyager $99.95 (plus shipping). Mount it on a swivel, so you may adjust the point of view of the lense as needed.

In reality, because this is the USA, a social problem has to touch the “white” community before it is addressed as a “problem.” But the door has been opened in these police savagery cases where all Americans have an opportunity to come together against murder under color of law.

All these Middle East wars, federal deficits, etc. do not effect “blacks” positively or negatively, thus “blacks” do not care about them and think the wars are illegal. Police brutality never really effected “white” Americans until the Bush Administration; prior to that, a VAST majority of “white” Americans thought of “police brutality” as “officers just doing their jobs” and “blacks putting themselves in a situation where they will get killed by police” (whatever that means). “Blacks” and Latinos have lived with this government-sanctioned malice for centuries. Brotherhood from the “white” population will continue growing and strengthening as long as Obama is President.


The Obama Effect: “White” Americans being Killed By Police More Than Ever (3/27/2010)

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