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UPDATE: Wilkins Habeas Corpus Part 2 and Sherle Flaggman’s Criminal [Ex]-Husband

UPDATED 6/29/2010: U.S. Magistrate Judge Mark Aspey Recommends The Federal Courts Assume Jurisdiction If The Arizona Court Of Appeals Does Not Reverse The Illegal Conviction (see PDF of the ORDER here)

This in no way mean the federal district court will reverse it either, but it does, however, guarantee that I will finally get legitimate review of this malicious, illegal conviction. Now the Arizona Court of Appeals is kind of backed into a wall: they cannot simply “deny review” of the currently pending petition for review in their court, as they, the Arizona Supreme Court, and Maricopa County Read Entire Article

Branstad For Governor: Iowa’s Terry Branstad Tough On Crime If It Doesn’t Involve His Family

by Brian A. Wilkins

(NOTE June 16, 2016: We’ve received numerous requests to speak with Brian Wilkins regarding this article. He does not directly administer this blog. You may contact him on his personal website

Branstad’s son, Eric, killed two people following a car “accident” in 1991.


This article must be prefaced with the fact that, as an Iowan born and raised, and in my 30s now, I grew up only knowing one governor, and that is Republican Terry Branstad, who served as the state’s chief executive from 1983-1999. It seemed Iowa was doing pretty well in … Read Entire Article

Drunk Baltimore (MD) Police Thug Murders Unarmed Tyrone Brown

UPDATED 6/6/2010: Killer Cop’s Name is Gahiji Tshamba

And this isn’t even the most disturbing part of this update. This police thug Tsamba was involved in yet another drunken, off-duty attack on an American, when he shot a man in the foot outside a bar in September of 2005. Somehow, Baltimore Police ruled the shooting “justified” even though Tshamba was drunk and off-duty at the time. This same cop was also a subject of a federal lawsuit in 2001, after a woman he arrested was improperly strip-searched. The case settled out of court. And after both these incidents, this Read Entire Article

Pinole (CA) Police Thugs Murder Unarmed Michael “Mickey” Ray Welch

by Brian A. Wilkins

Thug Pinole Police Deputy Chief Peter Janke

The only explanation for this murder of an American citizen is the same one virtually all of these killings have proverbialized: two police thugs wanted blood and a paid vacation; and were going to get it no matter what.

The latest murder of an American citizen by thug cops happened in Pinole, CA – a bedroom community with 19,000 residents, about 20 miles northeast of San Francisco. Last Friday afternoon, May 28, Pinole Police allege that Mr. Michael “Mickey” Welch was involved in some sort of violent crime … Read Entire Article

Maricopa County Deputies Assault Woman; Lie Under Oath About It

by Brian A. Wilkins
on behalf of


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It was a little more than a year ago today, when Ms. Robin Sword trekked down from Las Vegas to Lake Pleasant, AZ; one of the more scenic camping/boating/fishing destinations in the state. Located about 50 miles NW of downtown Phoenix, Lake Pleasant also happens to be within the jurisdiction of Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio…you know, that guy who is currently being investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice, and the County Board of Supervisors. The feds and supervisors can now add the … Read Entire Article