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Arizona Highway Patrol (DPS) Taser, Murder Unarmed Mark Morse

by Brian A. Wilkins

It seems several “police agencies,” especially those within the jurisdiction of the Ninth Circuit Federal Court Of Appeals (like Arizona), didn’t get the memo regarding excessive force claims when Tasers are used on American citizens without good cause.

That court’s groundbreaking decision did not deter an unnamed Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) thug cop, who murdered Mr. Mark Andrew Morse early in the morning last Thursday, February 4, by shooting him with a Taser.

Details of the murder are very sketchy at this time. One news outlet is reporting that Mr. Morse, 36, “became combative” and “took a … Read Entire Article

Portland (OR) Police Thug Murders Unarmed Aaron Campbell

UPDATED 2/5/2010: Portland Police Chief Dan Saltzman Allegedly Wants To Make Grand Jury Probe Public

I’ll believe it when I see it (though Chief Ken Farmer of the Bella Vista, AR Police Dept. should at least pay attention to this). Grand jury proceedings have always been closed to the public and the transcripts subsequently “confidential,” which is why its hard for rational Americans to trust such proceedings. However, Saltzman said, in a letter to the D.A. that this was his wish. Read the letter in PDF format Read Entire Article