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AZ D.O.C. “Interim” Director Charles L. Ryan Trying to Murder Anant Kumar Tripati?

LATEST ANANT TRIPATI appeal: Arizona Court of Appeals, August 29, 2018 decision.

UPDATED 1/15/2010: Ryan Accelerates Attempts To Murder Tripati…And Cover It Up

One day after Mrs. Kristnamma Tripati sent a letter to Governor Jan Brewer and the state legislature, ADC Director Charles Ryan seems to have ordered his goons to withhold food from Mr. Anant Kumar Tripati until he starves to death. Ryan will then tell media that Mr. Tripati was on a “hunger strike” to justify the murder. Mrs. Tripati wrote a second letter to the governor, also detailing how ADC employees are now stealing and destroying Read Entire Article

Protesters Continue Putting Pressure On Arpaio

by Brian A. Wilkins

One day after reports surfaced that a federal grand jury is investigating Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and his obvious criminal activities, protesters gathered in front of the Wells Fargo Building in downtown Phoenix (where Arpaio’s office is located) this afternoon to keep the pressure on the criminal Sheriff. Here are photos from the protest.

Many of the people who took part in the protest are part of the Puente Movement, a human rights organization which uses non-violent protests to eradicate political, economic, and religious intolerance.

Puente has also organized a March For Human RightsRead Entire Article

VIDEO: MCSO Deputy Adam Stoddard On “Bomb Threat Duty”

by Brian A. Wilkins

I wonder what it’d be like for a judge to order you to serve time in jail, but then you never actually serve the time, then return to the career you had prior to the alleged stay in jail, in spite of the charges rendered against you. You may ask Maricopa County thug deputy Adam Stoddard for the answer.

As many of you know, the downtown Maricopa County Court Complex on 1st Avenue and Washington was evacuated today because of a bomb threat; coincidentally only one day after reports surfaced of a federal grand jury investigating the blatantly obvious criminal activities of … Read Entire Article

Philadelphia Thug Cop Frank Tepper Fired From Police Force

UPDATED 2/10/2010: Thug Tepper Charged With Murder

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams. Photo
by Alejandro Alvarez/

Mr. Seth Williams, the Philadelphia D.A., who took office in early January, has just proven to American citizens that a select few prosecutors are in office FOR THE PEOPLE. In one of his first, and likely most impactful cases of his short tenure, Mr. Williams indicted former Philadelphia Police thug Frank Tepper on murder charges this past Monday.

Mr. Williams said it best: “The public demands that we apply the same standard of justice to every case regardless of the status of the victim or
Read Entire Article

Fairfax County (VA) Police Thugs Continue Hiding Details In David Masters Murder

by Brian A. Wilkins

Mr. David Masters and his step-daughter.

It was Friday, November 13, 2009 when former U.S. Army green beret, Mr. David A. Masters, was gunned down in cold blood by Fairfax County police thugs, after allegedly stealing flowers from a landscaping business.

More than six weeks after the incident occurred, all we know so far is the most important fact: Mr. Masters, was unarmed when the police thugs murdered him, and had bi-polar disorder. The name of the killer is still being protected by Fairfax County and absolutely no explanation has been given as to why this … Read Entire Article

Federal Appeals Court Rules TASER Incident “Excessive Force”

by Brian A. Wilkins


Taser X26
Pay attention police thugs: an American who is distraught after you pull them over for a seatbelt violation cannot be subject to TASERs. Though a “reasonable” cop should know this is common sense, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a U.S. District Court judge’s decision Monday, making TASERs “excessive force” under the Fourth Amendment in certain situations.

This case began back in the summer of 2005 when Mr. Carl Bryan, who was 21-years-old at the time, was pulled over by police twice in a matter of a few hours. The first … Read Entire Article