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America’s Finest Thugs: Crackhead Cops, Rapist Cops, and Much More

by Brian A. Wilkins

Police Thugs Michelle Salentine (L), Platteville (WI); Shandy Cobane, Seattle; Maynard Richardson, Des Moines (IA) (R). 

I swear everytime I take a small break from writing about the daily cop thuggery across the United Police States of America, I have to write one of these summary stories just to get everyone caught up. And to those of you still dumb enough to call these Constitutionally-Protected (COP) thugs for help, as my mom would say, may God help you.

We start in Plateville, Wisconsin; a small town of about 10,000 located in the SW corner of the state, … Read Entire Article


Posted by Operation Nation Staff

Wayne County (MI) Judge, Prosecutor, and Two Inkster Cops Face Life In Prison

Detroit — Wayne County Circuit Judge Mary Waterstone (retired), former Assistant County prosecutor Karen Plants, and Inkster (MI) cops Scott Rechtzigel and Robert McArthur were each charged with several counts of misconduct while in office in an indictment handed down on March 24. Plants, Rechtzigel, and McArthur also face multiple counts of perjury, each of which carry a maximum penalty of life in prison.

Wayne County Judge Mary Waterstone 

The charges stem from a March 2005 cocaine bust involving Alexander Aceval Read Entire Article