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Jeremiah Is Wright: State-Run Media Frightened At Growing Nubian Nationalism

by Brian A. Wilkins
1/16/2011 (last updated 2/8/2011)

Nubian Nationalism known as “racist,” “terrorist,” and “unpatriotic” to Euro-America…European Nationalism is known as “conservative.”

Jeremiah Wright
The Reverend Jeremiah Wright
State-run media have done a phenomenal job with the smear campaign of Reverend Jeremiah Wright over the past few years, labeling him with misnomers such as “terrorist,” “unpatriotic,” and “racist.” Euro-Americans have eaten this rhetoric up. Thousands of simple-minded black people, including President Barack Obama, have bought into it as well; some in an effort to make more white friends (and voters), others out of sheer ignorance and stupidity.

An 8-second snippet state-run … Read Entire Article

Homosexual Cop Jonathan Bleiweiss Sexually Assaults Male Illegal Immigrants; Still Awaiting Trial

by Brian A. Wilkins

Nationwide trend of homosexual police and jail guards sexually assaulting victims, under color of law, could be reason Arizona’s SB1070 is favored by so many in law enforcement.

Jonathan Bleiweiss

It was April of 2009 when several illegal immigrants from south Florida began coming forward, with their accounts of being pulled over by now-former Broward County police thug Jonathan Bleiweiss, and forced to allow the openly-homosexual cop to perform oral sex on them to avoid arrest and possible deportation. Bleiweiss – who was named Employee of the Year once by his peers; and honored by the South Florida Blade, a pro-homosexual publication Read Entire Article

Eleventh Amendment Is Unconstitutional; Must Be Repealed

by Brian A. Wilkins


Fox News and right wing groups are screaming for a repeal of Sec. I of the Fourteenth Amendment (the Citizenship Clause) in an effort to prevent anymore Mexicans from becoming U.S. citizens. Meanwhile liberals and MSNBC continue crying about the absolute right to bear arms and self-defense contained in the Second Amendment. Its all a great distraction from the Eleventh Amendment, which encourages and protects malfeasance and flat-out criminal behavior by judges, prosecutors, police, and many other government officials in the United States.

The Eleventh Amendment of the U.S. Constitution was ratified Read Entire Article

Fortifying Confederate Armies: “Black” Athletes and SEC Football

by Brian A. Wilkins



If you take a look at the AP (Associated Press) poll released Sunday, you will find three of the top four Division I college football teams in the nation hail from the Southeastern Conference (SEC): #1 Florida, #3 Alabama, and #4 LSU. The University of Mississippi would also be in the top 5 had it not been for Thursday night’s 16-10 loss to South Carolina.

The SEC has clearly been the best conference in college football this milennium, with Florida and LSU winning all of the past three national titles and … Read Entire Article

Reality Check: “Whites” Killing “Blacks” Is Legal In The USA

by Brian A. Wilkins
9/7/2009 (links updated November 6, 2018)


Reality Check1

Let’s take a look at some recent events that have taken place in the United Police States of America.

First, there is Antavio Johnson, a 20-year-old Nubian (“black”) man from Lakeland, FL. The young man decided to express himself as many youth do in the form of a rap song entitled “Kill Me A Cop”, which he posted to Myspace and Youtube.

Americans are taught in 1st grade that they have a Constitutional right to free speech and can say whatever they want as long Read Entire Article

Gay Is The New Jew, Not The New Black

Operation-Nation Report


“I know your afflictions and your poverty–yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.” Revelation 2:9

Man-on-man marriage, the most recent in several European-cultural movements throughout their history, has become what may lead to another European-created “race” and possibly another colony, along the same lines as Israel.

Homosexuals in the United States have carved out a power niche, comparable to that of their Euro-Jewish counterparts in 1917 Britain. Europeans, led by the British, French, and United States, Read Entire Article

Mychal Bell Suicide Attempt: He’s Going Through Difficult Time

by Brian A. Wilkins


CNN, the perceived “mainstream” standard in journalism, called Mr. Bell “Jena 6 Figure” instead of humanizing the young man. FOXNews played the “black athlete” card, trying to make Mr. Bell’s story out to be the typical Euro-media, “Black Athlete Rises From The Ghetto” story. Both, however, barely acknowledge the fact this young man had to spend 10 months in a Confederate prison, which likely scarred him mentally and physically, for life, because of inbred prosecutors and Confederate law practices. If I think “55 Days In Maricopa County Jail” was bad,

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