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Paul Schene Trial: The Reason Seattle-Area Cops Are Being Killed


Is anyone surprised? Prosecutors say they will retry the police thug, but expect much of the same in any subsequent trial. Not that it matters anyway. Schene was only facing a misdemeanor anyway, and would not have been sentenced to any jail time.

by Brian A. Wilkins

I’m sure you’ve all seen the video by now. But in case its not fresh in your mind, here, again, is monkey-thug King County cop Paul Schene brutally assaulting a then 15-year-old girl because she called him “fat.”

This happened back in late 2008. The video … Read Entire Article

Lakewood (WA) Police Ambush: Four More Dead Cops In Seattle Area

UPDATED 12/4/2009: Niece of Maurice Clemmons, Other Supporters, Want Memorial For Her Fallen Uncle

Young Miss Destiny Hinton tells KIRO TV in Seattle that her uncle Maurice should have a memorial erected where he was maliciously murdered by police thugs without a trial. Destiny’s father, Ricky Hinton, is Clemmons’ brother, and was abducted by Seattle cops and is being held in an internment camp. Watch the report.

The state-run media story was obviously written in a tone conveying that Ms. Hinton and her family are crazy insane negroes for caring about and memorializing their fallen relative. Of course this same … Read Entire Article

Christopher John Monfort: IF He Killed Timothy Brenton…

by Brian A. Wilkins

Christopher John Monfort
Mr. Christopher John Monfort

Though we’ll withhold judgment until all the facts come out (because, obviously, police thugs lie), if Mr. Christopher John Monfort – of Tukwila, WA – is the person who killed Seattle cop Timothy Brenton on Halloween night, to use the words of Operation Nation contributor Heidi Peterson, “this is an upstanding citizen. I guess he just gave up on the justice system and took matters into his own hands.” I couldn’t agree more.

The Seattle Times has identified Mr. Monfort as the “suspect” who killed Brenton. Mr. Monfort, 41, was shot … Read Entire Article

Seattle Cop Timothy Brenton: Collateral Damage

by Brian A. Wilkins

State-run media embarrasses itself every time something like this happens. CNN and other “major mainstream media” ignores each and every story of American citizens being gunned down, Tasered, raped, and/or assaulted daily by gangsters in badges. But when one of their heroes, such as Seattle cop Timothy Brenton, are gunned down by fed-up Americans who are not part of the elite class which police across the country protect – but instead terrorize – it is front-page, weeks-long news.

Seattle Cop Timothy Brenton

Brenton was killed last night while he sat in his parked cop Read Entire Article

Ted Bundy: The Seattle Police Advisor, Republican, and Serial Killer

by Brian A. Wilkins & Heidi Peterson

Mass Murderer Ted Bundy

If you read some of the more “mainstream” accounts of this animal, you would think rapist/murderer/Republican Ted Bundy was some sort of Heismann Trophy winning American sports hero (a la Florida Gators’ quarterback Tim Tebow); or a young, up-and-coming politician ready to run for President without much experience (a la John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama).

The first sentence in an article on regarding Bundy reads, “He was attractive, smart, and had a future in politics.” Time magazine, in its online “Top 25 Crimes of the … Read Entire Article

Paul Schene and King County (WA) Cop Thuggery

by Heidi Peterson
Operation Nation Staff

Here is a list of Crimes King County Government officials commit
and are paid while doing and get away with:

Paul Schene beats Malika Calhoun Part of King County police pattern behavior;

His partner Brian Bonner smashed a woman’s head into a car;…

Denny Gulla molested children, one whom became crippled after a suicide attempt;…

Pat Covey beats prostitutes and commited felony sex acts on a child;…

Bill Jensen is a rapist who other King County police aided in committing his crimes rather than protect the victims.


Terror in Seattle: was
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King County Thug Cop Matthew Paul Attacks Innocent Man, Leaves Him In A Coma

by Brian A. Wilkins

UPDATED DECEMBER 11, 2015: Christopher Harris has died.

SEATTLE — The picture above speaks more than a thousand words. Twice in the past two months, the King County (Washington) Sheriff’s Office has made national news because of thug cop behavior. First in March, it was thug deputy Paul Schene inexcusably attacking 15-year-old Malika Calhoun. And now this thug Matthew Paul, 26, has left Mr. Christopher Harris unconscious and in a coma since the May 10 incident. Judging from the extent of Mr. Harris’ head injuries (multiple skull fractures) and statements from the Harris Read Entire Article

King County (WA) Thug Cop Paul Schene Attacks 15-Year-Old Girl


UPDATED 3/2/2009
15-Year-Old Victim, Malika Calhoun, talks to CBS Early Show.

by Brian A. Wilkins



For some odd reason, this thug piece of s*** is only being charged with fourth-degree assault, a MISDEMEANOR which carries a maximum penalty of only one year in jail. Though the incident took place on November 29 of last year, prosecutors are just now releasing the video.

Of course, the thug is on the usual “paid administrative leave,” the penalty all thug cops Read Entire Article